Camera Latency on Wyze Car

router is 10 feet away, 1 gb network and my wyze camera takes a number of seconds, like 5 seconds. Drive 5 feet visually looking at the car and then wait wait for the real live time to show up. What do you think is the issue. I was thinking you could actually drive the car by the camera view on the tablet. Galaxy Tab A.
Tried another router and no change. Camera, settings or what? Thanks for the help

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I have a similar issue. I got the car when it first came out last year. I was having latency issues and basically just stopped using the car for several months hoping Wyze would release an update to fix. Now several months later I’m still having the same issues. The latency is at 800 ms. It is almost unusable. Hope someone has some suggestions.

I finally tried my Samsung A42 phone and the latency is now manageable. I had previously been using my Samsung tablets and they were sooooooo slow to be unusuable. Now with the phone the speed is acceptable and I believe it working as expected. Tried three differrent tablets and three different cameras. As long as I was trying the tablet the latency was very long. Don’t know how to measure it but it took probably five seconds to display the current image. I have found that latency is a big issue with all my wyze cameras. Now the car camera at least matches the other cameras.