Camera keep disconnecting

My 3 cameras have been losing connection all day and night long. This started in the morning of January 31 2023 and hasn’t stopped. They work for a while then disconnect randomly. One cam will lose connection, the other two are working. 2 cameras lose connection, the other one is working. All 3 lose connection at the same time.

iPhone XS Max iOS 16.1.2

App - 2.38.4 (3)

V3 pro -

V3 -

Cam v3 pro - Failed to connect
Error code (connection failed)

Cam v3 pro - Failed to connect
Error code (connection failed (error code :-27)) , - 48

Cam v3 - Loading Live Stream (minutes)

Cam v3 - Failed to connect
Error code (connection failed (error code :-20))

Cams connect. Then maybe an hour later they all disconnect. This started happening without any change.

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Maybe your internet/router has gone wonky maybe a restart to the modem/router will help???
I have 3 V3, one V3 Pro and 4 version 1 WCO and they have not lost any connections so I don’t think it is WYZE. (This Time). My V3 cams are using the firmware, the Pro is same as yours.

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I reset all cameras and the router. What I noticed is when all cameras disconnect, I turn my phone to portrait mode and back to landscape then they reconnect. But moments later the same thing happens again. This just started happening two day’s ago out of no where. Every thing else is working fine with my router. Thanks for your help

Please correct me if I’m wrong but in reading this I’m reading two different things. You’re saying the disconnection happens automatically after a certain amount of time. In this case you mentioned one hour roughly and then you mentioned also that it disconnects also if you change from landscape to portrait on your phone while viewing the cameras. Am I correct in that? I don’t want to interpret anything wrong before we try to troubleshoot.

But stepping outside of those things, how many devices do you have on your router? Although when I had connection issues like the one you’re describing I only had a couple of devices falling off consistently yours seems more like a cascading effect but I would be curious to know what router you’re running.

I will get back to you on the router name and model. I do believe it is a low budget router from cable company. The thing is is everything else works fine. Never had this issue for over 6 months of have cam v3 and 2 months with cam v3 pro.

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You’re already ahead :slight_smile: can I ask how many devices you have connected to it generally? It could be a simple as an update that changed some setting if automatic updates are on on the router or if you just added some more devices It could be a connection limit issue and seeing as you said it was provided by the ISP connection number limitations are something we run into quite often.

Mine was working perfectly until i did the current update and now it is harder to connect and drops off randomly also. Never had any problems until last update today Wyze cam ver2 error code 90

The connection limit thing and update is something I will look into. That’s good information thank you. I recently purchased a bigger phone just for monitoring the cameras. So that’s all that’s connected.

Cable guy came today and went over everything he could. He didn’t find anything wrong with the modem/ router but he was happy to replace it with a new updated modem/ router. I will update you guys soon on how it’s going. Thanks

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It’s been over 4 hours and everything is working perfect. Before the modem/router swap I would constantly get disconnected. I’m gonna conclude problem solved with modem/router replaced. Thanks guys

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Glad to be of any help i can. Happy you were able to get it fixed

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4 hours isn’t very much. I hope it is solved but don’t be surprised if it isn’t.

These cams are not very good at staying connected.

With the new router they are not disconnecting constantly like before but they loose connection 3 or 4 times a day randomly. The first day went well but after that they slowly started acting up but nothing like before the route was changed. So yea I can agree with you