Camera IR setting off motion sensors?

I have a Wyze camera in a closet with LED lights that are on a motion sensor switch so when i open the door the lights turn on by motion. However when I go to check the cameras live stream I get a warning of motion detection from that time I checked live stream. It turns out the LED lights were activated.

I believe its something to do with the IR on the camera activating the motion sensor.

I did a bit more digging and found my motion sensor has a Lux adjustment. It’s still set to factory default but no idea what that’s at but I know the range is from 10 Lux to 300Lux

Any ideas?

A couple of thoughts… Did you try turning off night vision LEDs on the camera? If this stops with the LEDs off, then you’d perhaps know that they were the trigger. Did you try mounting the camera so it doesn’t point at the switch’s sensor?

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Yes, since the separate motion sensor lights up the closet when the door is opened, there is little need to leave the IR lights on inside a closed closet. Turn those off in Advanced Settings for the camera.

Not sure why you would want to check the live stream in a darkened closet, but without the lights on you would still get a count from the timestamp to confirm the camera is working.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe it is the camera warming because it is now in use. If that is the case, then maybe something between the camera and he sensor could block that.

You must really want to know who opens that closet, lol.

Have not tried turning off the night vision LEDs. I want to leave them on if possible for security. WIll try that for diagnoses.

Its a security closet that has valuables and if for some reason the power is off or burglary is at night I still need the night vision to work.

I was needing to check the connection with the camera since it had almost no signal getting out. Had to setup another AP and was testing connection when I found out about issue.

If the power goes out, so does the power to the camera, no? If the burglary is at night, won’t the lights still illuminate when they open the closet door?

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The LED lights are powered from a 110V converter wall plug in and I am working on building a battery backup system for the camera.

Buy some Blink Cameras from Amazon.
A different animal than Wyze cameras and would be perfect for a closet.
They also have ir night vision and the burglar wouldn’t know he was being captured on video.
They run on lithium batteries and in your case would probably last for a couple of years since you’re only getting events when the closet door is opened.
A lot cheaper than going to the trouble of setting up battery backup.

Something just occurred to me.
The Blink Cameras need a bridge connected to Wi-Fi so if the power was turned off they also wouldn’t work.
The bridge uses a 5 volt 1 amp power supply so a UPS would keep it working for awhile.
You would also need to put the Wi-Fi router and modem on a UPS.

Anyone have any ideas about LUX settings and the IR issues from my original post?