Camera groups one camera always shows “offline”

I have 3 Wyze cam v2 in my camera group. When I launch the app one of the cameras always shows “offline” in the group view. However I can click on that camera and it will go into the live feed if I go into that individual camera. What the heck is going on ?

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If @Canvas s suggestion doesn’t fix it, I’d say the next thing would be to try a manual firmware flash on the camera to fix. This has also worked for me.

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I have found on a few occasions that simply going or attempting to go into a live view setting for that specific camera showing offline hitting the gear icon in the upper right for the settings, scrolling all the way down and restarting it will sometimes work as well.

That’s usually my go-to move

Just tried that. It says “failed” right away. So I can view the camera if I go into that specific one but even trying to restart it won’t work from the app

if it says failed right away its not communicating with that camera at all. it might need a full power cycle.

Hi. Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you PM the MAC of your ‘offline’ camera and the time when it shows offline in the group view? Thank you.

The camera finally unscrewed itself on its own somehow. Thanks.

How do you do a manual firmware flash on the camera?