Camera grainy lower Section

Camera resolution :

My camera that has always been indoors has some grainy artifacts that are showing up on the lower part of the screen.

Has anyone else seen this on their cameras or is it just me ?

See the lower left corner below

Yeah, I can see that grainy portion in the pic. How old is your cam? Is there anything on part of the lense maybe?

That’s reminiscent of dirt or water on the CCD sensor. Or even friction damage but it’s hard to honestly say. Either way if the camera is still under Warranty I would get it replaced.

I would go clean it off and see what you get, might be bug poop :slightly_smiling_face:

Or maybe he didn’t remove the clear shipping plastic cover?

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Out of all of the cameras I have set up , I actually did that once :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have to ask an off topic question…is your name by chance Herman Munster?

in seeing your car I had a flash back to the Muster family wagon from the 60’s tv show, its fairly close :star_struck: maybe an upgrade after Marilyn and Eddie moved out lol



That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that hot rod. :rofl:

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No plastic on lens.
It started life clear and ended up this way.
It is indoors, so no bug poop.

No Munster here.


Kinda like a rat rod, I like it .
Camera is inside but bugs are everywhere , not saying that what it is.
Clean it and see , but the purple tinge to the left makes me think something wrong with the camera

i’m thinking its the camera too.

@dville if you are using a sd card, remove it and do a full reset on the camera and add it again. see if that changes anything. I had a camera a while back go to that I call the purple screen of death, it basically makes the picture appear to be living in the realm of jerry garcia.

doing a full reset fixed it. it might work for you. either way I would file support and see about getting a new camera.

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That reminds me. The first time I mounted a WYZE cam, I wasn’t sure the base magnet is strong enough. I found another magnet to make sure camera doesn’t fall. It gave the image a purple hue. I didn’t make the connection until much later.

Some people have been able to fix the purple hue problem ( IR cut filter stuck ) by putting a magnet on the side of the camera for a short time

Ok it seems when I move the camera slightly to the right the cloudy stuff goes away.
It not on the lens, it’s just how it is processing the available light.