Camera defaults to December 31, 1969!

I have six Wyze cameras (and will be posting another question about them later.) But, right now one of my cameras which has an SD card in it suddenly isn’t recording. When I look at the date while I’m watching it, it says Dec. 31, 1969. It sees me and reverts back to the correct day on the playback mode every time but the present moment. But no matter what it doesn’t record any activity going on. Feel like I’m Back to the Future. Help, please. I’ve shut camera down. Unplugged it. closed it opened it. Closed the app. TIA

Having said that, when you tap ‘Dec 31, 1969’:

does it open a calendar with the current day highlighted; and if you tap the current day, can you then ‘scrub’ around the timeline and see cyan-highlighted sections representing recorded footage?