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I’m so annoyed, for about three months now I haven’t been able to get my events to play. All updates are completed. I’ve deleted the the app, re-downloaded it. Completed deleted all three my cameras and reinstalled and did the setup and still can’t watch the events. They will notify me, and also show under event tab. But when I go to play it will not happen. I’ve sent I don’t know how many compliments to fix the bug…
I went and returned the cameras about a month ago and when I got the new ones same brand, just was thinking maybe it’s a bug with mine. When I plugged the new ones in and set them up, wow you get a free trail for 14 days an for those days my events player perfect. Three days ago the trail was over and back to the events not playing. So I tested the situation and paid for the subscription and my events play on the camera I paid for it on….

I don’t understand, three my neighbors use these same cameras and there events work just fine. They do not pay for the subscriptions. So why am I forced too?!

Off hand, it’s likely you. Tell us EXACTLY what steps you are taking. What buttons you push, what selections, and what the results are.

Welcome to the forums! Like @K6CCC stated, can you tell us what exactly you are doing when you cant get the events to play? Also do you get error codes? what does the error message say if so? error number displayed? Also any screen shots you have, please add to your post as so that the group can put some fresh eyes on your stuff to see if anything is a miss. You dont have to pay for the subscription, keeping with the free cloud storage service is an option. Ooor not using the cloud service at all and just using the local storage if need be. Thanks in advance!

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That is the code I get every time unless I pay for the subscription. Than they play.

Not sure what you mean by every step.

Camera set up with the app?
Take out box
Plug in camera
Follow steps on the app.
SIM cards are in place same ones that came with the box.

Thanks for the photo, see just posting that helps a huge amount and sets the troubleshooting direction. What firmware version is on the camera? what app version are you using?

What is your broadband service, Is it cellular or service with speeds for uploading less than 4Mbs?

Comcast and I have three fastest unlimited speed

I have ran into the fail to upload issue when several cameras are all uploading at the same time and it exceeds my upload bandwidth, but I am on cellular and not Comcast.

That firmware may say it is up to date but the current firmware for the V3 is as far as I know. Is that Beta firmware ???

Antonius you replied to me, should of replied to @ pr0udm0m3

Must be Beta firmware All my V3 are on also

He’ll get it anyway. If I am not on the forum I get an email when a post is updated whether it is a reply to me or not.

How do I upload them to that other software since it says there are updated?

This is your phone OS, what Wyze app version are you using? From the main page of your app click on account, scroll way to the bottom click on about, and the version number will be just below the wyze logo at the top.

That’s a beta firmware, are you running a beta Wyze app version? If not, that’s probably why you’re running into problems.

There’s another thread here where a guy’s camera was erroneously updated to this same beta firmware version. Something went wrong with Wyze’s servers somehow.

Yes, is the current beta firmware for V3 cameras.

You can Change the firmware this way and there is also a new iOS app out today 2.23.23. Don’t know if it is in the app store yet.

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