Cam V3 cameras only returning still shots no video

All 4 of my Cam V3 cameras are having the following issue…notification if event is received, go to Events, click on it and it will only return a still shot. No video will play. The event title indicates a video (15 seconds, 26 seconds, etc.) But only a still shot is returned. I have Cam Plus Annual on all cameras and have had 2 lengthy conversations with customer support. Have done everything…event detection is enabled, cleared cache, unattached and reattached plan, restarted cameras, uninstalled and reinstalled cameras, all firmware and app versions are up to date, there are no rules set. Followed all the steps in my “I will elevated this to our technical support” reply email, plus more. What do I do now?

Hey, this is a very annoying issue, but recently Wyze has improved the success rate of events by a lot. Could you share what FW version the cameras are on?

Also, did this just start recently, or has it been doing this forever? Did it start after a FW update, or something else?

Finally, when you restarted the cams did you use the restart button in the app or actually unplug and plug them back in?

Hope we can get this resolved for you!

The firmware version for all cameras is

I have had Wye for maybe 8 weeks and this began maybe 3-4 weeks ago. Until then all was fine. I should have, but did not, note if it occurred concurrent with an update or anything else. I did at one time have a Cam.Plus Lite license but never assigned any cameras to it. I thought it may be creating the issue and deleted the Lite license recently but it did not resolve the issue.

I have tried both starting the cameras by unplugging them and using the restart button.

When i see the screen shot there is a green question mark on the bottom right. When I click.on it it returns “Failed to upload”.

I would LOVE to resolve this. Thanks for your help.

And this didn’t help? Not even temporarily, the first event it recorded after the restart failed?

It did not. Not even one event.


Could you share some details about your network? Speed, router model and age, etc?

At the same time I purchased the Wyze equipment I upgraded my WIFi router to an eero 6+ 1 GBPS mesh system. It is only 3 months old. It has three units which cover 4,500 sq ft. My cameras all have strong signal and are attached to the 2.4 GHz band.

The latest FW update includes these fixes:

  • Improved Internet connection
  • Improved the Event Video replay success rate

But it was paused because of unrelated issues. Check the FW update pages frequently, and hopefully this update will be released again soon

Thank you. In the mean time I am going to call my internet provider and ask them to run a diagnostic on my modem to make sure there are no connectivity issues. After that I have run out of ideas.

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UPDATE and solution. It was a connectivity/signal issue. My cable system was overloaded with no longer used TV coxial cable connections since we moved to streaming sticks. They were draining my signal to the point my upload speed was only 0.5 Mbps. The Spectrum tech removed the unused cables from my cable box and upload went to 11 Mbps. All is good and videos now play.

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