CAM V3 Stolen

My Cam V3 used for security was stolen the other day. Is there any way to track who has my property when they try to register my CAM V3 as their own?

Does Wyze sell a taper proof box that I can mount my new CAM V3 when it arrives. Or can you recommend who does?

What’s really strange, how did they steal my CAM V3 without setting off motion, people, and/or sound detection?

To answer this question, I experimented with another CAM V3 and learned that if you trigger sound, people, motion, the CAM V3 will not allow another trigger until too much time elapses before it can trigger again. This unfortunately can give a person enough time to steal or disable the CAM V3. Not Good!

Wyze’s should consider changing the firmware to allow the user to set the detection dither time between triggers to overcome this gap in recording/event detection. Otherwise, the CAM V3 for 100 percent security detection would not be possible.

BTW, is there anyway to bypass the annoying Wyze screen at start up?

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Are you able to mount your v3 cameras indoors aimed through windows? There are pictures on this thread of the quality you can expect aiming through windows.

Also, if you have a cool down period before additional videos are recorded you may want to consider a Cam Plus subscription which does not have a cool down between Cloud video recordings.

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Is it possible you could just mount your camera up higher?



Cams with no subscription and those with a Cam Plus Lite subscription are subject to a 5m cooldown between Motion Activated upload events. A Cam Plus subscription removes that cooldown. Also, Sound Event uploads have a separate 5m Cooldown regardless of subscription. During the 12s the cam is uploading a 12s Video for Sound Detection, it cannot also upload a Motion Activated Event.

The Cam Plus subscription removes this limitation.


People say I have too many cameras. :roll_eyes:

Every camera on the exterior of my home has another camera pointed in that direction. Some are hidden.

The thugs might come back and steal the replacement camera. Can it be relocated?

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perhaps they went from behind camera.
did you remove from app?
blinks when you do not remove cant be added to new account.
same is with wyze?

me too:)
they even sued me but had better lawyer :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, only the Wyze Cam Outdoor battery operated cams have this feature. If they are removed from the base improperly, they cannot be installed to another base on a different account. The other Wyze cams do not have the same theft protection. Even when remaining on the original users account, the cams can be reset and installed to another account.

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