Cam v3 RTSP + spotlight?

I’m using the RTSP firmware and installed the spotlight, but only functionality of the spotlight that works is turning it on and off, the rest of the settings under the accessory tab don’t function. I was wondering if it’s about the RTSP firmware. Any of you had better like w/ my combination?

Welcome to the forums! I don’t remember what base firmware the RTSP beta was created from, but it’s very possible that it was from before the spotlight was fully implemented. This is from the header atop the RTSP download page:

Using the RTSP firmware will prevent the camera from supporting any future functions or features in the Wyze app.

Looking forward to see what other successes folks have had with this.

Well yea I’m aware of that warning from the RTSP page, I was just trying to confirm my spotlight works correctly without flashing regular firmware and flashing rtsp back. or if there’s a workaround?
I ended up trying switching to the regular channel and checked to see the spotlight is actually working as intended though. I can confirm that the problem of inability to change spotlight settings is caused by the RTSP firmware. I wish they had one single firmware w/ RTSP option, not sure why they can’t just continue developing the firmware that has RTSP in it.

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Nope your out of luck on that issue you will need a Factory V3 cam for the spotlight 2 work

It actually works just the way I wanted and doesn’t require meddling w/ settings even w/ RTSP firmware though. I just wanted to make sure that the unit is not defective and I can actually change those settings.

Agreed, on Firmware for each camera that supports RTSP out of the box.

I recall reading that there is not enough space on the cameras to have all the current features AND RTSP…

That’s too bad, as many of us want RTSP, and want, for example the spotlight.

So, this ‘feature’ where RTSP or ‘mainstream’ features… will prevent the sale of any accessories to those of that value RTSP more than anything else.