Cam v3 notifications won't stop

I have a Camv3 that was alerting me to a Vehicle every 1-2 minutes, even with no vehicle in sight.
I went to Notifications > Motion Events and disabled Vehicle. The events still continue.
I then disabled notifications altogether and the events continue.
I restarted the camera and have tried toggling the notifications off and on several times and I cannot get the events to stop.
This sounds like a bug, but I have no idea. Running the latest firmware,

Could you try clearing your app cache in account > app settings, sign out of the app, force close it, then sign back in. This will force the app to update all its settings and data. Now you can check the event recording and notification settings for the cam to make sure they are how you want them, with vehicle disabled in both.


Enable motion detection to see what the camera is indicating as motion. Is there any lighting or pixel changes in the frame at all? Can you share some screen shots or videos of you event tab, and event videos so we can see what your seeing?

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