Cam V3 keeps going off

I have a Cam V3 looking out a front window, close to the glass. As it is inside I keep it plugged in to keep it charged,

I will work for a day or so then stop working. I keep it plugged in all the time,

When I go to try and get it working again (which involves crawling up over a bed) it show erratic behavior:

I reset it, It blinks orange then shuts off,
I unplug it from power. shows steady blue . I plug it back in, it blinks red.
I turn it off. I turn it on. I push the sync button, Eventually it will start working again.

This morning it turned off. I played with it for a while, no luck, Then noticed it had 0% battery. Which is off as it was 100% yesterday.

I now have it on my desk, plugged in, and it is working fine, though still says Battery 0%.

I am befuddled. Could it be that it doesn’t like being close to a window?

??? I think you have your cameras confused, the V3 camera does not have a battery it is powered via the supplied power adapter and cable plugged in. There are only two battery powered cameras, the Version One WYZE cam Outdoor and the Version Two WYZE cam Outdoor.


It sounds like it may be overheating that close to the window.

Have you checked the temp @ the glass?

Oops. V2 ourdoor.

Are you still doing continuous live streaming via your old iPad?

What power adapter are you using to power your Outdoor v2 cam?

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Do know that the WYZE Cam Outdoor Version 1 or 2 can not detect motion through the glass window.?