Cam v3 failed to connect with error code 4865. the data couldn't be read because it is missing data error

Trying to connect Wyzecam v3 and when selecting notifications get this error:

“Cam v3 failed to connect with error code 4865. the data couldn’t be read because it is missing data error.”

Uninstalled and re-installed. Same error.

Any ideas.

I am getting the same error the same way. For some reason I had lost connection with the camera and needed to delete it from my device list and reinstall it just to be able to view it or do anything now it is doing as you described.
Any suggestions?

I had to delete my device as well and add it back and now when I go to notifications I get this same error “Failed to connect with error code 4865”.

I experienced the same issue today. It is a new camera, installed for only a couple of days and it kept on losing it’s Wifi connection, even though no other device, including one right next to, has had any problem with the Mesh covering my house. Looking at possible fixes for the Wifi issue, one was to delete and add back the camera, NICE!! I lost my 14 day trial of Cam Plus in the process too and now see this 4865 error when I look at notifications. And it lost the interconnection again, And again after I moved the camera. I’ve moved it to be beside my other camera now as a final test of whether it’s just a lemon or not.