Cam v3 connection

Newly purchase v3 is setup and installed outside as a driveway cam in front of our house. It is located the farthest away from my wifi. All other Cams (v2/v3/outdoor) has no issue connecting and staying connected. Do I need a wifi extender inside the garage for my driveway cam? I had one inside my garage but ended up removing it and not using it because I was having issues with my Sonos speaker system. I thought Wyze makes a wifi extender for there products?

What problems are you having with this garage v3? Any error codes? Can you explain what your experiencing more? What does the v3 device setting shows for connection strength?

From that exact spot? The v2 is a different camera with different internals that may act differently to the available wifi, and the wyze cam outdoor connects to its base station, not your wifi network directly.

The base station only works with the WCO and WCOv2.

No error codes. It’s searching for WiFi connection to 3, connect, freezes up after a minute. Again searching for WiFi. Not stable. I’m not sure on connection strength.

If you move that specific camera to a different location, closer to your wifi source, des it work better? If that spot on the garage is on the fringe of good wifi, a means of extending your wifi network may be on the menu. Weither its a extender, mesh system, moving your home router closer to the camera location, etc are all options. Do search the forums, lots of input on the different systems mentioned here in the forums.

You can also contact Support and see what they have to say.

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If/when you have enough of a connection to view that individual camera, you can pull up the Signal Strength by hitting the gear (settings) icon in the upper right and then selecting “Device Info” - there should be a three bar display about halfway down.

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Bingo! I have 1 bar in my driveway cam. The garage (inside) cam which would the closest to the outside driveway cam has 2 bars. The rest of my cams have 3 bars. I did install my Netgear WiFi extender inside the garage yesterday to see if that would make a difference. It did not. I’m not sure if the WiFi ext is picking up the driveway cam. It does show the WiFi ext on my phone as 2.6 or 3ext.