Does V3 connect to base station

Does the V3 connect to the base station?

I want to put my V3 near my garage but it doesn’t reach the WiFi. So can I buy the base station and have the V3 work that way?

The V3 is WiFi only, like the V2.

There are solutions here for detached buildings. Powerline adapters to a garage WAP, microwave relays, WiFi extenders, cellular hotspots, and other solutions that can get you a garage WiFi signal.

Tell us a little about your situation, like how far your garage is from your router, and from the side of your house facing it. Someone here may have a solution that fits your situation.


No, there is no base station that works with V3 cams. They connect directly to your WiFi network router.

The Sense V1/V2, Lock, and Ourdoor Cam have base stations only.

You could try extending your WiFi network, depending on how far away your garage is.

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If you were looking to buy the base station anyway to fix this, you could most likely but a cheap-ish router and set it up as a wireless bridge access point. Routers tend to have better wifi signal than something as small as a camera, so it’ll probably be able to connect fine out there.

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