Cam V3 cameras do not turn off

He answered you but indirectly. Even when it says Off in the interface, the camera is on and processing video. It is lying to you. As to why the mostly fictional toggle changes in your case, I don’t know for sure.


I get what you are saying. Yes, the cameras should definitely stay off via the app unless you select them on. Every now and then mine do the same thing. It’s not a hardware issue, it’s a Wyze software issue. Lately Wyze has been lacking in addressing software bugs, clearly they’d rather be spending resources developing new products. Wish they’d focus more on hiring better programmers and quality customer support.


As I and others have mentioned the cameras are never really off unless you remove power. @Customer and @Resist stated it best, sometimes the buggy app just turns the video back on for the live view. The camera is still running when you turn if “off”, you just aren’t getting the video in the app. If you truly want it really, really off, unplug it or use some sort of other method to remove power.

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I think the poster knew the camera’s aren’t powered off and just wanted them not to show a live feed or record motion, which is the reason to toggle them off via the app.


But how “off” are they when we turn them off by the buggy app?
Due to limited upload speeds (0.7Mbps) I turn most of my cameras “off” when I don’t need them. That seems to solve my problem and I can usually view 2 cams (out of 10) remotely, yet turn the dormant ones back on when I want to.
What functions are turned off?

If you use the App to turn the camera off, a soft off, then yes the camera should not be viewable. It is in standby mode. Like a laptop where you log out but do not power off.

For powering it off, you must physically turn it off.

Not so sure about that. Reports are that Alexa and other apps can get video from an “off” camera even when the Wyze app does not. But I’ve not seen convincing evidence either way.

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Good catch Customer.

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I have been monitoring a suspected situation with my Wyze Cam v2 for a week now and have concluded that there is an On/Off click sound coming from the Camera periodically throughout the Day even-though I have the cam toggled Off through the App. There are no schedules or anything set for the cam.

I am going to keep it unplugged except when I am monitoring its behavior to see if it truly is turning itself on. If that is the case I will be finding out why.

Well this was the post I was going to make until I first searched here. Glad to find this information out, I guess I will be getting an extension cable to make unplugging these easy when they are not needed. Creepy

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@Macaroni I think you will find that the clicking sound on your V2 is the IR filter, and either sunrise or sunset. The V2s were known to do that in some instances where they couldn’t discern sunset or sunrise properly (because there was no hysteresis built in by the devs). So each time night vision switches from day to night there is a clicking sound on the V2s as the IR filters switch into or out of place.

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Physically powering the camera off thru a smart switch solves everything, however. Bug reports thru support with logs always appreciated! :slight_smile:


IR has nothing to do with this as the camera should be powered down. The clicking comes from the camera turning on. But I will just keep them unplugged when not in use. Only sure fire way to know they are off.

Unless you pulled the plug, the camera isn’t powered down. That on/off button shown in the app isn’t really powering it down. Many people above already told you, believe it.

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Yes it does. That is the clicking you reported.

Not it should not. If it were powered down you could not start it via the app. The button label is misleading. There is no low power mode like a TV has.


Good plan. Or you could use a smart plug to fully power them down and still be able to bring them up on demand. Or you could choose not to worry too much about it.

It would be nice to have a lens privacy shutter that opens when the camera is enabled through the app and closes when it is not enabled. Would be a nice addition.


I seem to have noticed this, I turn off the camera in the app within a few seconds it turns back on and starts showing me live video. This is only affected 3 of my 4 V3 Cams after the latest firmware update.

I do not want to shut the power off completely, this is not a security or privacy issue. I want all my interior cameras just turned off in the app when I am home.


So it seems there is no real fix for this. Turning the camera on/off in the app should work. Disappointing.

Same here. I have had my cameras for 3 or 4 months now. Everything was working great until I had to update yesterday. Now I’m having problems.

I researched so so much on which brand of camera I wanted. I heard so many good things about these cameras. After the update, I can’t get the cameras to do what I want. If I hit the “off” button in the app, it turns back on. I unplugged it all night and now I can’t get the camera to turn “on” when I want. Had I known updates cause people problems, I think I would have gone with Eufy.

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It’s worse on my v3 pro. I can “soft” toggle it off in my iPhone app. However, I get alerts and recorded video when motion is detected. When I click on the recorded event I see a message that the camera is off! But the on/off indicator in the app shows that it is on. This happens though I turn it off in the app repeatedly. This is a camera prone to false alarms for wind, insects, and ghosts so I don’t want alarms all night and it’s difficult to access so i can’t keep turning it off at the camera.