Cam V2 cloud playback slightly sped up on just one cam

I can see in the 12 second clip from the cloud, the timestamps in the videos do not progress at the same rate that the control bar at the bottom progresses. The camera looks out of my driveway into a street, and I was initially concerned by how fast people appeared to be driving. Then I realized that the seconds in the timestamp were progressing slightly faster than those below the progress control bar below the video. In fact, the control bar shows that it is a 9 second clip, but the timestamp shows 12 seconds have elapsed from beginning to end. It seems to only be occuring on
this one camera. The camera is updated with the latest updates, along with the other 5 cameras in my system. Any ideas?

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I noticed this the other day, too, on my V2

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Same here, I couldn’t tell if that was it for sure but yeah.

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Wondering if you guys are seeing 9 second cloud clips or other, where I believe they are supposed to be 12 second clips. 3 seconds doesn’t sound like much, except where the video is compressed from 12 to 9 seconds, a 25% compression. As an engineer and a musician, I definitely noticed.

Also, are you seeing this on multiple cameras, or just 1 camera?


I only have 1 V2, but it’s the one I noticed it on. I’ll have to take a closer look when reviewing the footage to see if the 12 seconds really is 12 seconds or if it only takes 9. I’ll report back.

This has only been with only one of my 4 Cam v2s where I get a slightly sped up event recording. All the others behave just fine.

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I have the same issue on 1 of 3 cams.