Cam Unlimited, but still cannot create rule (turn on motion warning)

I am subscribed to Cam Unlimited. I can login to the Wyze camera portion on the website and see each camera is attached to my Wyze Unlimited subscription. However, I cannot create a rule for my V4 camera to turn on motion warning at a certain time. It is telling me I need to subscribe to Cam Unlimited or purchase another license for the camera. Any idea?

Go into settings and try the “Reset Service” button. See if that helps.

Maybe go to the account tab, app settings and clear the cache then try.

For me, worst case scenario I would try going through setup again with the camera. That can often refresh it.

About RULES…I have a rule that turns motion off during the daytime. Just so I do not get inudated with events while walking around the house. It works as stated, but my question is, when I disable the rule, when we are gone, how long does it take to start getting events back. I disabled my rule 2 days ago but the daytime events have not come back. If I go to each cam it still shows events are disabled.

Does it take time to cycle thru more than 24hrs for the cams inside to start recording events when rule is disabled??

I may try to clear cache as you say but to me this shouldnt have to be done as whats the point of a rule if you have to mess around getting the cams to record.

You have to turn motion back on either with another rule or manually in the settings. It will not turn motion back on just by disabling the rule that turns off motion. You need something that tells motion to turn back on. You may also be able do a schedule that turns motion off at a certain time and then tell it to do the inverse (turn it back on) at the end of the scheduled time.

In the future, you may consider “snoozing” notifications instead of turning off motion detection.

One more question…Is it redundant to have this rule that turns on/off both notificationns AND motion detection? Or by just doing one is OK.
I get confused as to allowing notifications, but NOT recording the motion events. Just clutters my events with so much during the day. I wouldnt mine getting a notification, but currently I am not getting ANY notifications. Wyse support is working on this.

BTW what does “snoozing” do? Turn cams off? Or turns off events? Plus turns off notifications?

PS I have 9 cams, but only 5 are using a rule. Others are 24/7

I should at least show my “rule” as it is now

Sorry that was a poor rule, I just have it simple now. Turns on at about 12:03AM and turns off about 6:30AM. Not mention here about “notifications”