Cam Plus with Home Monitoring

Quick question. My apologies if it’s been covered. I don’t review the forums often.

A few weeks ago I pre-purchased the 24 Hour Home Monitoring package with Keypad, Motion and Contact Sensors, and a few other additional items along with paying the yearly subscription to Cam Plus. I knew these would be shipped out (approx) in the Spring. I assumed our Cam Plus membership would begin at that time also. That is until yesterday when I received an email regarding my Cam
Plus trial… applying the license… etc. I wasn’t aware there was a trial or that I had a license. I have searched my emails, but don’t see where I received anything indicating one had begun nor a link or code of any kind to start it.

I’m going to contact Customer Support, but thought I’d reach out for suggestions on how to go about starting said trial and where to get the license, without paying for another year? Currently own 3 pan cams, 3 v2, and 2 outdoor cams (with 2 more on the way), thermostat, a smart bulb (trying for now against another brand), and a scale.

While we are somewhat familiar with home security cameras, we are fairly new to the Wyze cam system. So far so good.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Welcome to the group! If you click into “Account” from the home page of the app, the “services”, is the new license available? It may have been applied to the account already.

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Thank you. I found it. However, it only reads “trial”, and is for the doorbell cam (which I believe I forgot to add in my product list). I tried selecting other cams on this screen… unfortunately, it won’t allow selection.