Wyze 24/7 Monitoring service starting date

very exciting about the New Wyze 24/7 Monitoring service, promotion for the public is still in progress; for subscription users already signed up, I and others really want to know— When this service will be actually in service??
I would like to ask Wyze company to give us a general idea, thanks.

According to the post here they are shooting for an April shipping date for the Monitoring System.

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thanks for your speedy feedback, it is not really good for keep asking people to sign up but, giving a positive possible answer .

To @WyzeJasonJ or anyone else who can help answer:

I just pre-ordered a Wyze Home Monitoring Kit. I also have existing and installed 2 Wyze doorbells and 3 Wyze Cams. My questions are:

#1. has to do with Cam Plus. I have not subscribed to Cam Plus. I understand that a subscription is as low as $1.25 PER camera when paid annually. I also see that Home Monitoring subscribers get access to smart AI detection, unlimited motion capture and no cool down periods - although nowhere in the description does it say that Wyze Home Monitoring includes “Cam Plus”. Is this the case? Does Wyze Home Monitoring actually include Cam Plus and is it included for all Wyze Cams in the same account?

#2. For the purpose of the security monitoring, are the Wyze doorbells considered cameras and can they be integrated into the Wyze Home Monitoring system?

#3. Aside from motion and intruder detection, does the Wyze Home Monitoring service include fire/smoke and water/moisture detection?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry for my delay in replying @Jspot let me see if I can answer some of the questions

  1. The Wyze HMS (Home Monitoring System) comes with 1 free Cam Plus license. That can be applied to 1 camera. Getting Cam Plus on additional cameras will require purchasing more licenses. In my opinion Cam Plus is worth it.

  2. This one I am not sure of and will have to see if I can dig up an answer for you.

  3. Initially fire/smoke would only be through the current ability for the cam to listen for an alarm (a feature in the cams settings) and no water/moisture detection initially. They have teased photos of a water sensor and say that it will be added in 2021.

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Question on whether I can delay starting the service? I want to take advantage of the pre-order pricing, perks, but my home situation is changing (move or have ex move out) and would prefer to hold off on starting the monitoring until I have everything set up, hopefully in a few months. Is that an option?

Yes. Your service doesn’t start until the day you activate it.