Cam Plus Vehicle Rule

Does anyone know if it’s possible to setup a device trigger based on vehicle detection for a V3 that has Cam Plus? The only choices I see are motion and person detection. Trying to setup a rule that would unlock the garage door (into the house) when a vehicle is detected.

To be blunt - are you out of your mind? You want to unlock your house because ANY vehicle is detected? Unless I am completely missing what you want to do, you are opening your door for a house burglary.

Maybe it is camera inside the garage that would require someone with the garage door opener remote…?

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That is correct. The camera would be in the garage. After digging around a bit on the forums it would seem that device triggers based off an AI detection isn’t currently possible. I’ve added my vote on the wishlist and will be patiently waiting.

I am voting for this feature as well. I woud like to get vehicle detection announcements as well. I get person detections also. Hopefully this is the right way to vote

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Unfortunately no. This is just a discussion topic. But, you can “vote” for the addition of more Wyze Rule Device Triggers over on the Wishlist topic I have linked :point_down: below. They have consolidated all suggestions and requests for Wyze Rule Device Triggers into one Wishlist topic.

Vote at the top then scroll to the bottom and add your own request in a post describing the feature you would like to see. If you find a feature posted that you are fond of, reply to that post adding your support for that feature.

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I know how about “Vehicle Detection” that ACTUALLY Works too…

Instead of parked vehicles that haven’t moved for days and a bug, animal shadow, etc… causes a trigger then the not so intelligent AI sends the “Vehicle Notification” when no vehicles have moved.

This is the AI that I subscribe to with CamPlus when is this AI going to gain the intelligence to get the vehicle trigger correct?

I know silly question, Wyze has to peddle new items before fixing the items we were sold, and may never get around to fixing the ever evolving issues because we keep adding more junk devices to the App and breaking the App in doing so… :upside_down_face:

Wyze just addressed this in the AMA yesterday:

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