I’m trying to catch a mail thief

I’m trying to catch a mail thief:
I have a v2 entry sensor, v3 camera and the battery powered outdoor cam.
The V3 cam is set up to catch the side view of the thief’s car, the out door cam is in a tree next to the box to catch the license plate. The sensor is in my mail box and detects when it’s opened.
The plan is to take footage with both cameras every time the mail box is opened…
But I can’t do that. The cameras don’t have an action to take photos or videos based on a triggered sensor. The only solution that’s currently baked in is to crank the sensitivity of the cameras to the max, but that kills the battery in the outdoor cam in less than a week, takes photos of cars that I don’t want, and misses some of the cars that stop at the mailbox. I called customer support and they confirmed that I can’t make a sensor trigger the cameras, This seems like some really basic functionality that this system should have. To prevent my stuff from getting stolen or to catch those responsible, I need to get them on camera.
Please add this basic functionality.

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Wyze Sensors (both v1 and v2) can trigger a cam to record a 12-second event video. You need to create a Rule/Trigger:

Wyze app Home > Add/Create (“+” icon upper left) > Add Rule > Device Trigger > enter a name > Save > Device Trigger > select your sensor > Opens > Save > Action > select your cam > Upload a short video to the cloud > Save > optionally add additional cams/actions > Save

Your video event(s) will be located in the events list accessed from the “Events” tab on the Wyze app Home screen and tagged “Automation”.

If you need to edit your rule/trigger, e.g., enable/disable your rule/trigger without deleting, delete rule/trigger, rename, change schedule, etc.:

Wyze app Home > Edit (pencil icon upper right) > Edit Rules > select your rule under “DEVICE TRIGGERS” > edit, delete or enable/disable > Save or Delete Rule


What @Seapup said! :point_up:

(Beat me to the post AND has WCO!)
(His was much more detailed too!)

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Yep, I use these types of triggers as failsafe mechanisms for door sensors (v1 and v2), motion sensors (v1 and v2), leak sensors, etc. When triggered, they force specific cams to upload videos just in case built-in detection fails so I have some type of evidence in case I need it. And yes, all sensor types trigger WCO v1 and v2 event recordings, in addition to Cam v2, Cam v3, Cam Pan types, etc. :+1:

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I have a couple V2 motion sensors and contact sensors triggering V3 & WCPv1 cams to upload, was unsure about the WCO. Those are odd compared to the wired cams. Now I know! Thx!

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Which means that this is the real problem here:


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I am confused a bit. If you go to the motion sensor, you have a menu option called Sensor Video’s. This is where you choose the Camera to start recording when motion is detected.

Do you not see this option? Here is what I see when I click on it:


That does work well triggering an event video for one cam.


Yea, figured something is better than nothing

Also, under the Rules area you can set an action to “Upload a Short Video to the Cloud”, will that not be an option? Or is it only available if you have Cam Plus? This is what I see when selecting my V3. The Doorbells do not appear to have this option. However, the WCO V2 seems to have this as well.


The “Upload a Video to the Cloud” option also works for cameras that are on Cam Plus Lite.

I just tried this for when a plug turns on, to have it upload the short video, from a V2 camera that is on Cam Plus Lite.


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