Using V3 Rules

I have 4 V3’s and a Wyze Doorbell pro. Wondering if anyone uses RULES for these devices in particular that might be useful to me as a beginner. I have not found any that would fit my needs at the moment…tlhutch4

Cam rules are really situational and tailored toward a user’s needs and preferences. And, there are thousands of possible combinations depending on the number of Wyze IoT devices installed (plugs, bulbs, thermostats, cams, sensors, etc.). You are only limited by the number of possible combinations of Triggers and Actions the devices have available.

Since you can build your rules as simple or as complex as you desire. Only your imagination is limiting you.

If you share what it is you are trying to accomplish, I am sure someone can offer suggestions.


What are you trying to accomplish with the rules? Narrow down your wants and state your use case and the group here can help with recommendations.


Rule Types:

  • Shortcut (a pushbutton)
  • Schedule (to make rules happen at a certain time of day)
  • Device Trigger (one thing happening triggers another)
  • Location trigger (triggers on where your phone is)

V3 Triggers:

  • Detects motion or sound
  • Detects smoke or CO alarm sounds

If you have Cam Plus

  • Detects a pet, vehicle, pet or person

V3 Actions:

  • Turn on or off the camera, motion detection, or notifications
  • Restart the camera
  • Turn on or off the siren
  • Upload a 12-second clip to the cloud
  • Turn on or off the add-on spotlight, lamp socket, or floodlight
  • Close the garage door using the add-on GD Controller.

And then there are rule triggers and actions for all the other products like Plugs, Wall Switches, Bulbs, Climate Sensors, Thermostats, Entry Sensors, etc, etc. All these things can trigger an action on something else. :slight_smile:

I have shortcuts to turn on or off motion detection on windy days; turn off motion detection at sunset and back on at sunrise to avoid headlights (I fall back to a PIR motion sensor); turn off lights at sundown that cause reflection in windows for my cameras; turn off a floor fan at bedtime that I keep leaving on all night; light a signal bulb if someone approaches my front door (triggered by both a PIR sensor and as a backup a camera’s person detection); I have leak sensors that sound a siren on an indoor V3 when they get wet; etc, etc. Like they say, there are lots of possibilities!


Many thanks for your replies to my request about V3 rules. No time today but will look at each of your replies tomorrow…Thanks again

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Again, thanks for your suggestions on V3 rules. My post should have been more specific as noted by a couple responses to me.
I have used rules successfully for Wyze Plugs, Switches and Smart Bulbs and found them Very useful for scheduling my devices.
I have not yet found a use for rules for my V3. However I did successfully set up a Trigger on my Wyze doorbell to turn on a lamp in my home when a package arrives on my front porch.
What I was trying to accomplish with my post was to find out how others are using rules for V3 in particular because looking through the “Create Rule” tab in the app I don’t see anything that seem to apply to me BUT I’m sure I’m not being creative enough to think it through. All of your replies so far have been much appreciated. Any other thoughts would be great as well…Thanks

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