CAM PLUS trial no way out?

Thank you Newshound for that info. And if perhaps the feature doesn’t get you to the exact point in time you’re looking for, then the binary search will be much faster as it has a shorter time base to start from.
In most cases, you will not need a search with your tip.
Thanks again.

If you back out of it under android, it does not offer it again. At least it did not for me.

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It took me a week to finally disable the annoying cam-plus “free trial” that literally rendered my Wyze cam useless for my purposes. The checkbox under subscriptions that Wzye claims I had to un-check to disable it? Well, it was greyed out. No reason. Contacting support was totally useless.


A week after finally getting it disabled, I share the camera with a family member. She created a new account solely to access this camera. No biggie, right? Wyze FORCED her into a Cam-Plus free trial just to access the app, and now? The full-length videos are showing on my iPhone and iPad, too! We can’t disable it ANYWHERE. Her account has no checkboxes under subscriptions, her iphone app has nothing listed under subscriptions except another promo to buy the thing we’re trying to get rid of.

ARGH. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Probably to late to help you, but this is one of many reasons I use older versions on Android. My Wyze app not only doesn’t prompt for a trial, it doesn’t even know what CamPlus IS.

Forcing the trial was probably the beginning of the end. :frowning:

Hey bub, just out of curiousity, what are the old app versions you use?

The last version that DIDN’T throw a pesky event-swiping error on my gear was 2.15.21 but it is WAY unstable crashing left and right.

On this phone it’s 2.8.24. Rock solid and supports PD. This was one of the versions that was supposed to stop working but it hasn’t yet.

I rely mostly on TinyCam on a Fire tablet though.

My only real misgiving is wanting WebRTC for better Alexa support, but that’s more on the firmware. I suppose if I update that I might lose the app functionality.

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when you sign or activate an agreement ,you willingly accept the terms whether you read it or not if 18+ yo. If you call holding you to your agreement as strong arming, or whatever it takes,. I also think you are not correct in assuming anyone respects you enough to let you back out of a legally binding contract. Would you if it were a reversed situation? Not likely

I had problems with my doorbell cam from day one (Event Recording>Motion Detection won’t stay activated) so I didn’t even consider CAM Plus until the issue was resolved; which it hasn’t. I received emails stating: “The clock is ticking… Your free trial ends tomorrow! Keep it for only $1.25 a month!* Oh no! Your Cam Plus trial has ended.” … However, I’m getting billed $1.99 a month. Customer service told me that Tier 2 Customer Service says I bought a CAM Plus bundle when I bought the doorbell cam - which is FALSE! Either they’re scamming, in over their heads, waiting to be acquired, or just incompetent. I’ll dispute all charges with my credit card company out of principle.

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Please read what happened. It has nothing whatsoever to do with reading or not reading terms. I agree, if you accept the terms, you’re stuck.

The CAM Plus offer does not offer an option to opt out - at least on the iOS app. It blocks directly viewing the Doorbell cam in the app if I refuse to accept the CAM Plus promo offer and terms by clicking “continue.”

I did not click continue. I did not “activate an agreement”. I did not accept the terms. That is the very definition of “strong-arming” someone to accept terms and promo offer. I cannot view the camera directly in the app if I do not accept the CAM Plus promo.

As I said, I’ve already tried CAM Plus and for our doorbell it would be a waste of money.

Well ,see what happens when any of us ,including me, comments on an isolated post while not knowing the whole story? Too bad nothing preceeded it as an important reference .

What happens when you scroll to the very top - to the original post?

ouch ? just a brainfart

What I remember is doing research, providing documentation and corroboration, offering help, trying earnestly to understand, and then being labeled and dismissed by a terminally ungrateful poster. But that’s just me.

One of my annoyances too. On IOS you can slimply slide up slightly to bring up task manager, then force close the Wyze app by sliding up all the way to exit it, then open it again.

Yep. However, at least for me, the trial promo screen that blocks viewing the doorbell camera persists even after a force close.

They’ve been doing that every since they came up with the app, no choice but to take the trial, just remember to cancel or do it right away. We are just their emergenfy money group. Has anyone ever seen a door camera for purchase inside the wyze store? You can buy one at home depot but not here that should prove to all you whee they think of us!!!.