CAM PLUS trial no way out?

That’s beside the point. If you’re offering terms and legalese, it stands to reason you should also offer a simple opt out button on the same screen…. or why bother with publishing the legalese in the first place if there isn’t actually a option?


I don’t work for Wyze. I’m just a fellow user of their products like yourself.

Don’t think he meant it personally? :slight_smile:

“You” as in the theoretical “one”…

You can back out, just force quit the app or hit the back button and it goes away.

Apologies - I certainly did not mean “you” personally either. That was the generic “you” - as in a genetic person caring how a company is run. And yah, I realize nobody from Wyze is in this string so far.

You are exactly correct; Agree 100%

Monthly/Yearly reoccurring fees

See my post(s) here:

Thank you

That didn’t work for me. I force quit the app several times. I could not get to our doorbell cam without getting trapped by the same trial screen. And there was no back button.

We’ve already done the CAM Plus trial and several of our V2 cameras remain grandfathered by Wyze cutting off person ID when they didn’t want to pay the licensing fee for what used to be a 3rd party algorithm.

As a practical matter, Wyze is now holding our doorbell cam hostage to its “trial”.

If you’re on android, swiping up from the bottom of the screen brings up 3 buttons, one of which is the “back” arrow.
Clicking this button on that screen makes the cam plus offer go away. No idea if a similar mechanism exists on iOS.


Thanks - not on the iOS version. When you go thru the back option under Android and again click on the same camera, does the trial offer persist? Force-closing the app under iOS does not help - the forced trial returns again.

Confused how this is holding your doorbell hostage? You don’t have to use the features and the rest of the thing should work as usual. It’s not much use without person detection so it practically requires CamPlus anyway. One reason I haven’t bought it (the main reason is it’s ugly as hell with no way to know where to press).

The legacy person detection only applied to V2 and Pan Cam, so I’m not sure what you think changed other than the forced trial?

Not sure why you’re confused. But almost everything you said does not apply. Why there is such a Wyze-apologist sub-culture here for clearly poor customer treatment?

  1. We cannot simply open the app to view the doorbell camera. The “trial” screen blocks it. That is “held hostage”.

  2. Since the only activity at our front door is people, we don’t need people detection. We tune the sensitivity and that’s it.

  3. I guess everyone has a different idea of “ugly”. The doorbell cam looks pretty uninstrusive and clean to us and is so small anyway. And if someone can’t figure out that pushing the bell symbol is the doorbell, they’re not likely bright enough to be worthy of us opening the door anyway.

  4. I never said the V2 Cam legacy person detection changed.

Won’t answer name calling. Good luck.

OP, you came for community advice and responses.

You are offended by responses that do not agree with your personal point of view, and addressing the community disrespectfully.

Simple, accept the free trial that does not include a automatic subscription then turn the Cam Plus off… or bitch and moan over something that offends you but does not offend most of the community.

I recommend at minimum, respect the intent of the responses. Do not disparage anyone, label anyone, or otherwise criticize others for not sharing your point of view.


Their response to you is disrespectful and this thread should be deleted. The OP should go to Reddit and find an anti Wyze support group if they do not respect positive opinions or advice.


Hello People and @Tuna of post #9 about the difficulty of finding the exact time of an event in a recording. It would be nice if some kind of search feature were built into the app in a future update. Until then maybe a binary search will work for you. Checkout
Help finding Vandal of work vehicle. Look for post #3.


There is a button shaped like an SD card that says “Playback” at the bottom of all event clips. Press that, and you will jump instantly to the same time on the SD card.

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Thank you Newshound for that info. And if perhaps the feature doesn’t get you to the exact point in time you’re looking for, then the binary search will be much faster as it has a shorter time base to start from.
In most cases, you will not need a search with your tip.
Thanks again.

If you back out of it under android, it does not offer it again. At least it did not for me.

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It took me a week to finally disable the annoying cam-plus “free trial” that literally rendered my Wyze cam useless for my purposes. The checkbox under subscriptions that Wzye claims I had to un-check to disable it? Well, it was greyed out. No reason. Contacting support was totally useless.


A week after finally getting it disabled, I share the camera with a family member. She created a new account solely to access this camera. No biggie, right? Wyze FORCED her into a Cam-Plus free trial just to access the app, and now? The full-length videos are showing on my iPhone and iPad, too! We can’t disable it ANYWHERE. Her account has no checkboxes under subscriptions, her iphone app has nothing listed under subscriptions except another promo to buy the thing we’re trying to get rid of.

ARGH. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Probably to late to help you, but this is one of many reasons I use older versions on Android. My Wyze app not only doesn’t prompt for a trial, it doesn’t even know what CamPlus IS.

Forcing the trial was probably the beginning of the end. :frowning: