Cam Plus-Too sensitive to motion

I have a V3 mounted under my front porch and getting Cam Plus working is not without its challenges. It seems to be supersensitive to motion and trips with every light change. Has anyone got this feature working to just show “person” . Moving the slider to zero has no effect. It does work for person, but have to increase the sensitivity slider. Maybe not a good product for outside. Yes, I have gone through the checklist many times.

Having the exact same issues. Way to may notifications even at 1 sensitivity. My person detection is also not accurate and is not picking people up like it should.

It’s a catch 22, you have to increase the sensitivity to capture person detection and live the excess motion detections. I have to remind my self that it is a $20 camera that I like, but not worth paying extra for the Cam Plus.

Shouldn’t we just be able to do people notifications??

That was my hope, but apparently NOT! Other than longer video clips, not much of an advantage to Cam Plus. I hope I’m wrong and it is fixable.

Way too many false positives as well as missing people regularly.