Cam Plus stops recording at around 30 seconds

Can’t seem to get cam plus to record more even though there is motion and people, seems to stop below 30 seconds. Support has asked me to reinstall services, reload plus to cameras but still for years I cannot get long recordings. Now they are not even giving you 12 seconds you have to have cam plus.

Just looked at some of my events from this morning. There are several that are several minutes long - all due to the shadow of my flags on the ground. Most were identified as Vehicle because there are 4 vehicles in the image, but they weren’t moving.

I can’t address your main concern but that much isn’t quite true. If you go through a series of one time contortions you can get free 12 second clips back. There are about 1,000 forum threads on this and an official video from Wyze telling (more or less) how to do it…

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