Cam Plus records nothing

I have two subscriptions for cam plus for more than a year. But until now I never had a reason to review the video. Despite having memory cards in my outdoor camera and base station as well as Cam Plus… I have no video whatsoever of a recent incident where someone took a package from my front doorstep. Can anybody point me to a tutorial on how to ensure Cam Plus is working and that internal SD cards actually take images? This is not intuitive (at least to me)
TIA to anyone who can assist me.

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The Cam Plus videos are saved on the cloud servers for 14 days. Did you activate the cam plus?. On the app go to account bottom right, go to services then cam plus and see if the cameras are indeed on cam plus. The cards in the cams will only have thumbnail photos of events. The events are saved on the SD card in the base if you do not have cam plus If you are using cam plus the only place the videos are saved is on the cloud server. You have nothing on your events on the app. ??? The events in purple are from a cam with cam plus. Second pic.


Thank you for pointing this out. I think I overlooked a number of items including proper formatting of the SD cards, and as you point out, base station backup is incompatible with Cam Plus… so essentially I shot myself in the foot… more than once… ! But at least I am getting somewhere so the features will work soon. Regards, Dave

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