Outdoor Camera & CamPlus

I have several outdoor cameras and all have been equipped with the CamPlus feature. However, it is not functioning. The cameras also do not have an SD card. Is this the reason CamPlus does not function on my outdoor cameras?
I also have two indoor cameras and the CamPlus feature is properly functioning.

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The outdoor cams do not need an SD card in them for anything except scheduled event recording or time lapse. Did you assign the cam plus license to your outdoor cams. On the app go to account > services and see if the cams are listed under cam plus.

Yes, the CamPlus license is assigned to the outdoor camera and it is not functioning.

Can you explain “not functioning”. Do the cams not record any events or just not events over the original 12 seconds. I had CP on my 4 WCO and it worked just like it does on my V3, they recorded as long as the motion continued. I took the CP off of those WCO cams for other reasons which is a long story. If you explain I sure someone can provide ideas and assistance.

Thank you for the feedback. My outdoor cams all record up to 12 seconds. However, I cannot go back and see all footage, up to 22 hours, as I can on my indoor cams, which also include the CamPlus license.

Again, I have a CamPlus license on all cams (both indoor and outdoor) but the features, as “promised” via the CamPlus functionality, do not function on my outdoor cams.

The cam plus works on all of our wireless outdoor cameras we have them set up as no cool down, and 1 minute record camera firmware is the base/hub is we have never had any issues with the outdoor wireless cameras. If your not get longer than 12 sec. Then you must not have your settings done correctly check and advise.

Since I do not have CP on my WCO any longer I can not show all the settings I had. On the app open the cam>tap the gear icon and go to settings, Event recording>detects motion on, set cooldown to no cooldown, turn backup to base off because it will not work with Cam Plus anyway. Go up and tap on smart detection and turn on all the AI events.

SD on

Thank you! I will try this! I appreciate all your help.

I tried this and I still do not see the view playback feature on my outdoor cameras.

I don’t think there is a “Playback” feature with the WCO with Cam Plus like on the V3 and others because the WCO is not recording events to a SD in the camera. The only event videos you get are the cloud events on the events page. Do you have events showing on the events page on the app? The playback from my V3 is from the installed 64GB SD card not the cloud. I have videos on the SD cards in my 4 WCO because I do not use Cam Plus, I use scheduled event recording and they can be found in album. If you are talking about what is shown in my second picture below you are out of luck, it does not exist on the WCO.

Thank you. I will be purchasing SD cards for all outdoor cameras.

Seems like kind of a waste unless your are planning to get rid of you cam plus. I only used the scheduled event recording to the SD because I do not have CP. I originally had cam plus on my 4 cameras and it worked get but then had account issues so I cancelled it. You have 14 days worth of cloud videos on your app that you can download and save or send to yourself via email and other means. I just save the ones that are interesting or important.

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