Cam Plus Promo Offer 2 Weeks on Us with new Camera Purchase and Activation - Bug Found If you have to cancel setup of camera before completing all steps - Related to Cam Wyze Floodlight

I love Wyze, their products, their champions who test the products in pre-release and how they are built. I just purchased 2 Cam Wyze Floodlights for my house.

I found a bug that I want to report to the Developers or Services Department as I am not able to use the Cam Plus feature for my newly installed camera due to the way I went through setup and then cancelled setup and deleted the camera to restart setup on the application. Here are my steps to replicate the problem.


  1. Buy a new camera

  2. Activate camera on account (floodlight)

  3. Accept the 2 weeks on us cam plus

  4. Complete setup of camera only

  5. Cancel out of setup of the floodlight portion. (Essentially telling the app you want to back out of completing the setup)

  6. Delete camera from your Wyze app

  7. Start setup of camera floodlight again.

  8. Activate the camera onto the account

  9. Complete setup with floodlight too (that wasn’t done before due to lights not setup completely)

  10. Go and look at the camera and find out the cam plus features were not offered to you a second time

  11. On the camera, select the cam plus icon for specific camera

  12. See that the only options available (writhin less than 12 hours of install and activation, )are payment options to activate this feature.

Now I don’t qualify for the cam plus offer for 2 weeks free on this camera.

Seems like a bug in how you offer it because they can sync the serial numbers to the account and see that the serial has not been used for even 1 day (less than 1 hour activated).

That right there makes the customer experience negative that they could be mitigated.

Any help from Wyze to resolve this type of bug?

This issue apparently cannot be resolved where Wyze can resend the Cam Plus on us Promo for 2 weeks without a credit card. I went through various troubleshooting steps and those steps did not resolve the problem in this post.

The final option was to RMA the product back or return the product to the store purchased and get a new device.

My suggestion was, instead of wasting money time and resources on a product that is working perfectly, why not provide the customer with a code they can redeem for 1 month of Cam Plus Service. This still requires the customer to enter in credit card details and be billed for the next month, but it does provide the customer with the service free of charge.

In the application itself, you are offered 2 weeks trial period if you sign up for the Cam Plus and enter your credit card details, but this does not resolve the request above where one is able to try the Cam Plus Service without entering credit card details for the next month.

So this thread above is still a bug in my opinion as customer service (Chat Feature) is unable to assist with giving the customer 2 weeks of Cam Plus without entering credit card details.

I found the answer that Customer Support (Chat) should provide to the customers.

You can find the Free Trial Offers by following these steps:

  1. Go to Account
  2. Select Services (Or Cam Plus at the top)
  3. In Services, select Cam Plus at the top
  4. Look under the “Free Trial” section and you may have an option as I see “Free License - Select Device”

That resolves this issue and bug.