Cam Plus Pricing?

Cam Plus for one camera $19.99 per year. Cam Plus for two cameras, $99 per year?
Why not $19.99 each per year for 2 or 3 cameras?

Last I checked, you can order as many single licenses as you want.

It just makes more sense to get the unlimited plan if you are going to have 5 or more cameras using it, OR if you want the extra features that come with the unlimited plan that regular Cam Plus doesn’t get.

But you should be able to order as many single licenses as you want. I once had 6 single licenses at a time. I know people who currently have multiple single licenses because they don’t yet have enough cameras to make the $99 price worth it for them.

Is the website not allowing you to order more than 1 at a time right now? If so, that is likely a bug Wyze should be made aware of. If that were happening to me, I’d probably just try to order them one at a time.

I just opened the website anonymously and it was going to allow me to order as many single licenses as I wanted with the monthly rate. It didn’t show me the yearly option while I was not logged in, but if it was allowing it on the monthly rate, it should allow the other as well.

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Thanks… after your answer I went in and tried again, I did find where I could add more individual cameras at the per each price. I guess I just didn’t look hard enough first time around. I appreciate your response.


I’m glad it worked! Thanks for the follow up. :+1:

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So, If I am reading this right…
ATM, i have multiple cam plus subscriptions, all expiring on different dates, as they were but as I added cameras.
If I upgrade to Cam Plus Unlimited, all my cameras will be covered under 1 subscription??