CAM PLUS price increase

What does “Cam Plus subscriber pricing will increase by the same amount.” mean?

I was preparing to ask the same question!

A big long mail about price increases on products I don’t intend to buy and then this one line is slipped in at the end.

How much will it increase by?
The “same” as what? The V3 is going up by $3 and the doorbell is going up $10.
Or does the “same” mean that Cam Plus is doubling in price - the same as itself? (That’s unlikely but a poorly phrased statement is very open to interpretation).

Does it apply to new customers only or all existing customers?
I can somewhat understand a product going up in price but how does an existing automated notification system within its own app need a price hike? Has my home wifi suddenly started charging Wyze more?

And hiding it at the very end of a mail about an increase of pricing on “products” is deceitful.

I’m not impressed. We need more details now.

I may be off base, but I took it to mean the price of the V3 + CamPlus bundle…will increase the same amount as the V3 by itself.


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I think I’m wrong though… going back and reading the email again, it definitely appears to be just the subscription itself. I think it was the “Special Cam Plus pricing” that gave me that indication. Thinking it was the special pricing for the V3 + Cam Plus.

It could be that. But then there would be no increase to the price of the Cam Plus itself and therefore no need to mention it in the mail. From their wording I suspect the Cam Plus subscription is getting a price hike for all existing and future subscribers.

Just saw a post in the forums that addresses this:

Cam plus pricing is NOT changing. It’s listed in the FAQ toward the bottom of @WyzeGwendolyn’s post


Yeah, we saw some confusion before I posted. Sorry about that! The last group of people receiving the email will have updated language.

Thanks for spreading the word, @towelkingdom!


Great, thanks for the update.

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And I think your first instinct was right AaronR.

What about those of us who have never had a chance to buy a doorbell?

You have until May 18th to buy it before the price increases. After that, the increase is in effect.