A Note About Pricing From the Founders at Wyze - 5/6/21

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You obviously don’t know what awful luck I have. I do that and I bet you the entire federal government debt I would be the dumbass that would forget about it and I would be the one that has piss breath in the end. Of course I can switch to Corona and all the beer can taste like piss.

I have found my people here in the forum of a toddler tech company and I am pleased

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:rofl: :+1:

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Not unexpected, Surprised at your price point(s) as it is. I have been impressed by the community ethos you have tried to build as you have built your company and brand. I understand it is also a good strategy. The synergy of devices, connectivity and community is quite impressive to a over the hill person like me. I have an idea that would expand Wyze services and products in a different direction, while providing a benefit to the wider community that Wyze products are sold to. It came to me as I ordered your products and after chatting online with one of your CSR’s Danica. I knew that I had to somehow get it to Wyze. I was going to send letter to several Organizations, Companies and Politicians; still will in the future, but am quite busy now and have not had the time to do this, besides some notes to remind myself of salient points. Well here it is. “Contemporary dying {and aging (added by me)} involves conditions for which we are unprepared as a society. We seldom address our civic obligations to each other.”(ref 1) Wyze with it’s devices and services, with the participation of others has the opportunity to address this issue while also doing well by doing good. It won’t happen quickly but is possible. The devices are a 1. Wyze Watch 2. Wyze Pan Cam 3. Amazon Echo 4. Internet Access for the IOT devices (which might be the most difficult).
Many cities have a program where they call the elderly who live alone to check in on them it is an automated system but not foolproof. My next door neighbor was dead three days before they came and checked on him. But if a heartrate is zero or extremely low a camera checking for signs of life in an automated manner before alerting emergency personnel would be useful. Alexa can be setup to control the Wyze devices as many elderly do not use a smartphone opting instead for one of the easy to use feature phones if they have a cell phone at all. The Amazon echo can be used to create scheduled calls with relatives, community groups or just other shut ins to check up and alleviate the loneliness and isolation that has been worsened by the pandemic but which was already present in many elderly people. Security and peace of mind would be improved as the Pan Cam would allow visual check of premises from the Echo, There probably are many ways to talk of how this proposed service would be useful. Primarily I want to see a better outcome in both physically and mentally for the aging. In the US it may be possible to get partial govt support for something that will provide a better outcome for physical health and the ability to stay out of long term care facilities which is more expensive. But in many cases the inability to check on an elderly but isolated and alone person is one of the reasons that lead to institutionalization. Been thinking of this idea by the name of Thautful a takeoff of course from the Wyze name. As the cords the bind civil society in the US together have been pulled tauter to the point of breaking recently. Not only the pandemic but also the incivility brought on by the polarization in the country both political and over many other issues which have led to protest and civil unrest. None of which have anything to do with our civic obligations to the elderly and others who are isolated and alone. While being mindful of how difficult it is to bring disparate side together I hope something is possible in this case. It makes sense to leverage IOT to create better outcomes in aging. If you have read this Thank You for taking the time. It’s like a load off my shoulders just getting the idea out there. Eventually I will write this up and send a few letters out to those who might be in a position to determine feasibility, both socially and monetarily. I really have no idea how to.
Best Regards
P.S. I don’t believe this is something Wyze could or should commit to without significant support from outside your company. Just wanted to put it out there as stated above.
Ref 1. Dying alone and lonely dying: Media discourse and pandemic conditions - PMC

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Here’s the official reply from wyze Gwendolyn


Ok, 2 things. With respect to the wording about the Cam Plus subscription, as someone who constantly writes emails and posts for my business, there is a technical term for that type of error. And knowing the term will absolutely help both the person who reads the email and then comes here and finds it different, as well as the person who doesn’t look here.

The term is “oops”. Or “stuff happens”. When your next bill comes and you don’t see an increase, that would probably be the good hint that this company does treat their customers right. I got the email that did show the increase, but considering the relative increases for the hardware, if there was an increase I assumed the Cam Plus increase would be pennies, if anything at all. Any company that gives us 10 days notice before a price increase, and tells us what will increase and by how much, well I’m all about having faith and giving them a break.

To the folks at Wyze that made the oops, uh, resend the email to the list with the correction. No cost whatsoever. You guys rock and the “oops” was minor. Stuff happens. One thought, the questions about that price may have been because we’re all used to getting screwed. Thus the questions and now the surprise that you’re not screwing us. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

#2 I have 8 cameras, all subscribed to Cam plus. I’ve had a couple of incidents since I installed them and Cam plus took care of me big time. So when I needed to review the whole incident I went to the camera and pulled out the SD card, dropped it in my computer and ran it. Too easy.

I’d imagine that if you didn’t want to pay for Cam plus AI and you wanted to know if your neighbor was stealing your beer, you could count the beers and go to work. When you get home, if any are missing, pull the card, review the day and nail the knucklehead (though I do like the piss in the beer and reclose it idea​:rofl::rofl::rofl:).

Bottom-line for me is that there are huge things to worry about in the world and I only looked for this thread to compliment the Wyze team for being a responsible company, that makes quality products, at amazing prices, and actually warned us before they increased those prices a small amount.

I’m not trying to offend anyone, but it’s usually the small things that make the world decent to live in, and the big things that make it crappy. This was a small but very cool thing. I’m just gonna sit here and be happy about it.

Thanx again Wyze!

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Glad we’re finally getting totally free “free shipping”. I’m tired of paying those outrageous shipping costs when other companies manage to somehow bypass shipping costs altogether.

We’re not. They’re just adding the shipping costs into the product price.


Nothing is free in this universe, galaxy, solar system, planetary system, planet, continent. In nature, physics, biology society whatever you think you are receiving for free has been paid for by you or someone else with or without the knowledge or thought it was.


All great news and thank you for being transparent.

While talking about pricing, have you given any consideration to bundled pricing for Cam Plus and other add on services? I am fairly new to Wyze and love your products and commitment to value, but $20 per year per camera for WC+ makes me pause even though it is a service that I really want. If it was something more like $20 per year for the first device and $10 for each additional device ($5 would be even better) I would not hesitate to add it to multiple devices. It seem like you would get a lot more subscriptions that way and could provide better value while making up the difference through volume.

Keep up the innovation!


Nobody truly offers free shipping, they just have to subsidize it somehow else. Most treat it as overhead costs and build it into their average product cost and profit margins based on how often different things sell. Some do some subsidizing based on membership subscriptions or other gimmicks. Rest assured EVERY COMPANY is charging us shipping in some way or another though. “Free shipping” is just a gimmick that’s necessary because of how our minds work…but it doesn’t really exist.


I completely agree with @Marvrulz. Would be nice to give a price break or bulk rate on more than two devices with a Cam Plus subscription.

Better than a price break would be an offer of a small price increase for expedited QUALITY shipping.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has said the United States Postal Service is “incapable of providing the American people with consistent, predictable service.”

We need a dependable shipper. I’ve personally have had several Wyze orders take twice as long as necessary to get to me AFTER the shipper rec’d the package.

Lois DeJoy is a businessman who would like to see the US Postal Service privatized and has been public about that. Not exactly an unbiased source. I think that Wyze shipping through the Post Office is Patriotic, supporting universal Postal service. Of course I spent 11 years in the military also. It’s not fashionable these days to be Patriotic, especially when Your convenience is at risk.


Outstanding Ski ! I have a great appreciation for my fellow Patriots and even more for those brothers bound by their Oath and Honor. 11 years USMC, SSGT 0358. Great to meet you

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Likewise. Was in the guard before going full time, ORNG 11B. Then had the privilege of attending boot camp for a second time for the US Navy. (Dad was USN in WWII) Got in trouble there for mostly laughing at inappropriate times, MM1. Nice to meet you also.

IMO, any complaints about this issue need to be leveled not at Wyze, [Mod Edit]

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The USPS is a public service. The government has done it’s best to sink the USPS under [Mod Edit] Instead we need massive support for a wonderful service. It will still be much cheaper than the private carriers.

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