Cam Plus person detection not working

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Can we get this escalated or at least release a message telling us y’all are already aware and working on it.


Me, too! I’ve been messing with it all day to try and get it to work. On iOS. All cameras and apps up to date. No AI events and my Cam Plus cameras weren’t pushing any notifications - non-Cam Plus were. I left cameras unplugged for a long time and am now getting notifications again, but not AI. I didn’t update my phone app until this morning and that’s when it stopped working. Annoying, but I’m happy to know it’s not just me.

Edited to add: Actually, it stopped working BEFORE I updated my phone app. The AI always picks up my dogs as people. At 8:14am central time I got 23 seconds of person detection recording. At 8:15am I got 23 seconds of motion that should have been detected as person (dog) and it hasn’t worked properly since.


O850 EST this morning was the last person event. All other people are now under motion.


Well you know things are not good when you have to use a WCO to view the same area as a V3 just to get event notifications which is what I just did. :confused:

I was just about to post my 2 wco havent recorded anything all day and as I start to write this, I just got 2 notifications from 5hrs ago. Talk about lag and timing!

I have issues with cam plus and wco just about weekly and support keeps having me do the same things every time I report a log. Waste of time.

not sure if the same issue or unrelated happening at same time, but others are reporting the bad lag as well.

(no rhyme or reason that I can find as to who is having what issue :confused: )

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I agree. Something is definately up

When it comes to person detection not working…there’s nothing we can do. All that AI detection is done on Wyze’s end.

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I am having this issue on 3 of my 4 cameras on v2’s and 3’s wyze admit you messed up and lets move on I don’t care what you did but let us know what’s its being worked on.

Something interesting I think the person detection is still working but not reporting correctly, my trigger on person detect still happens but nothing in events

sadly this is not the case for everyone… :frowning:

I started to get notifications now (EDIT… it’s on and off, only some notifications if that) with IOS, but no AI/ CAM+ notifications, just motion.

Also … my detection zone on one camera keeps switching from grid option, to just a box option, so now I keep getting random motions because detection zone keeps changing.

I am getting Alexa alerts and Notifications of Persons in my driveway from this morning. So, I do get person detection, but much later in the day - Hours later.

@WyzeGwendolyn, is there something going on with the Wyze AI Servers? Serious delays on getting notifications. This thread talks about it and the one I created, which apparently is similar: Delayed Notifications today

I provided a picture of an Alert I got at 2:11pm. The Alert was from 9:33am

well… three hours waiting to chat with someone in wyze support and it booted me when I was next in the queue…

it asked for an email to contact instead which I gave but left the window open because I’m at the computer all day, so lets hope they see it and can give us any sort of update. (support ticket 1158531)

(yes, I know I can also call, but cant while I’m sitting here working so opted for the chat instead)


I just got about 35 notifications from last night and all this morning WTH !!! :upside_down_face:

Update, just got 2 person detection notifications that happened at 1130 this morning but the notifications came through at 1732.

I just checked the latest news and service issues. They are aware of the problem and have identified the issue and are working on it. Said we would be getting delayed videos and could get several at once.

Yes I just read to link posted by Jason21271. Now I am getting flooded …

Me too!