Cam Plus Lite and Basic Plan Cloud Changes Starting Shortly 3/14/22

I did that, but now it do snapshot instead of 12 sec videos.

The reason I bought this was because was given the 12 sec free! I am a little disappointed

Only seeing thumbnails. Added Cam Plus Light (legacy). Went to change recording type from thumbnail to video… but the only option I am given for videos is a subscription to Cam Plus. Plus is not what i signed up for. Can you please assist with getting my services back to what i had/want/need? Specifically, 12 second videos & cloud storage for 14 days. Not able to upgrade now but need to see my alerts. THANKS!

If you successfully obtained a Cam Plus Lite subscription, you still need to assign your cams to the subscription via the Wyze app and then set Event Recording Type to Video for your cam(s). Event Recording Type defaults to a static image.

Cam Plus Lite Getting Started

Hi all! We’ve all been scammed by wyze. They have eliminated our ability to record event (which is the only reason to get a security camera) unless you sign up for some form of cloud storage. If you’re like me you got the wyze cam partly for the ability to record on an sd card without interfacing with the cloud but for no real reason they changed the way we were told they would work when we bought our cameras. Join me in buying a different manufacturer’s cameras and not giving wyze any more business for being dishonest.


FYI - went back in to services etc and had to check each camera to apply Cam Light. Seems to be working (seeing video clips) now! THANKS!

Recording video to the SD card has not been eliminated by any of the changes reflected in the 4 tier plan. I just posted tonight the results of one of my cams, not on ANY paid or free plan… No CamPlus of any kind… Sending me a Motion push notification, recording a motion Thumbnail on the events tab, opening that event thumbnail, pressing the playback button, and viewing that exact timestamp full motion video from the SD card.

If you don’t have the playback button, check your app version, check your cam settings to be absolutely sure that the SD recording options have not reverted back to off, and then post a screenshot of the thumbnail event without the playback option.

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My app is up to date and there is no playback button.
Are you another liar working for wyze?

Msto. No reason to get personal there. I am trying to help. I am a Wyze customer too just like you and I pay them for my equipment and subscriptions. I just have a higher tolerance for tech malfunctioning.

Did you see the screenshot in the post I linked above? You can see the playback button. I pointed to it in red.

So… Just need to verify settings, sorry if you have done this before. Open the cam from the home page and verify you have live view. Open the settings.

  1. Cam has Event Recording set for Detects Motion

  2. Notifications are set for All other Motion events

  3. In advance settings, Record To SD Card is set to On and Continuous.

  4. Close the app

Trigger a motion event on the cam and see if you get notified and get an event thumbnail. Open it and see if the playback button is there.

If you do NOT, please please please post a screenshot. That is what we need to get it fixed. There are still bugs out there working their way out.

Hope this helps.

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Im totally down to drop these [Mod Edit] and get different cameras. The whole time ive had these its either one thing or another with them. Not to mention all the glitches and whatnot that happen on a daily basis.

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Slabslayer. Maybe we are talking about 2 different things. I have cam outdoor and haven’t changed any settings. My camera quit recording events yesterday. I’ve spent at least 3 hours troubleshooting this myself and with wyze support who spent a significant amount of time pretending to help me “troubleshoot” this issue knowing full well that wyze had changed how this camera operates. Very irritating being lied to especially after they made changes with no advanced notification . I have a couple friends with wyze cams and they had the same thing happen and are not at all happy either.

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This is the first I saw of the type of Cam you have. I don’t have one of those. I have cam V3 and I know that the UI is different for the settings on the cams.

As for the settings changing and the theirs changing, you can only take that up with Wyze. Venting here will bring you no solutions. This is a forum of users helping users.

I will agree with you that something is not right. But ranting will not fix the problem.

I am quite sure what im doing here will help other customers not waste time trying to figure out why their cams aren’t working like they were when they bought them and hopefully motivate other customers who are dealing with this new wyze scam to move on to another manufacturers product.

Well, if you consider that helping I wouldn’t want to see what not helping looks like :scream:. I prefer a less emotional and more rational approach.

Have a great rest of your evening and be safe and well!

It only allows me to assign one camera

Hey, I have an outdoor camera. Maybe I could help?

  1. wireless outdoor camera does not have continuous recording. It does have event only recording to the Sd card, or scheduled recordings. I don’t think you’ll see playback option on the live view, mine doesn’t have one.

  2. the events tab is where the cloud recordings go. It’s always been this way. To continue getting 12 second recordings you have to subscribe to the cam plus light, which has a free/custom option.

  3. events stored on the Sd card can be found either in the album for that camera, or from.what I understand, by removing the Sd card and viewing them with a computer (I can’t give you more specifics as I don’t use this option). I do have SD cards installed, but I’ve never used them for event playback since the cloud recording was sufficient for me.


For what it’s worth: my SD card works in some of my cameras but not all…

Explain what you see, so we can see if we can confirm. How many cameras do you have? Which ones work, which ones don’t? Are you on the current production software? (not Beta. that needs to be discussed separately)

Yes, that’s right.

You are talking about 2 different things. “Playback” is NOT viewing events. Playback is viewing SD card recordings. Your WCO (Wyze Cam Outdoor) does not and never has had SD card recording that is viewable from tapping a “Playback” button.

If you now have static images instead of video events under Wyze app Home > Events tab, you need to obtain a Cam Plus Lite subscription for whatever price you choose including $0, assign your cams to the subscription via the Wyze app and change your cam’s Event Recording Type from Image to Video.

Cam Plus Lite Getting Started


In the App it only allows me to set Cam Lite to one camera, but 2 others are still recording events the other 2 only takes images. When I try to switch to video it goes to update plan on 2 cameras.