Cam Plus Lite again

Does any one besides me resent the requirement that we subscribe to Cam Plus Lite to get the video on our cameras to work. Big brother is watching. I for one am looking for a totally independent system.

@rwc2202, please be more detailed and specific as how you think;

Were they not watching before when you stored your 12s videos under your account on the exact same cloud servers for free?

Is it a resentment because you now have to press a few buttons to get for free what you used to get for free or a resentment because you had no control over this change? I can’t believe it is because you think they can now watch the same videos they had before.

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If you are concerned, why not just use an SD card. You will still need to have it connected to the internet for connections.

But to answer your question, I am not concerned.


No resentment here. The way Cam Plus Lite works is how the cameras have always worked.

Wyze wrapped it in a service and named it, gave it a price tag of your choice.

There are non-cloud based systems out there.


And they also threw in Person Detection “for free”


I can’t believe there’s a single person on the planet that cares to watch what any of my 8 Wyze cameras collect. Let me say that again, another way. No one cares. Maybe you do for your own.