Cam plus is 2 years old and doesn't work for over a year

perhaps it’s a better idea to fix it before celebrating?


How about telling what you think is wrong with it…


Yea… that’s why it hasn’t worked for you for over a year, because no one can help you if we don’t know what’s wrong. There are many happy subscribers of cam plus.

There should be a term, or a #hashtag, for a post which just throws some issue out there, without providing sufficient context.

In some cases, I imagine the post is from a troll troll, but it can be difficult to determine the true intent of the author.


Humm, maybe easier and faster to mention what’s right with it.
Lets see:
-Parked cars, get flagged as motion all the time
-Shadows and changing lights, flagged motion all the time
-Walking 2 year old Kids, according to Wyze, they are packages that grew legs
-Pets, sometimes they are packages

  • Packages, can count the times in one hand that get detected as such.

  • Video Door bell, HORRIBLE detection. Will pick up the motion of one leaf, will miss the mailman or amazon guy, more times than not.
    -Detection zones don’t work, still picks up motion where it shouldn’t. Doorbell even worse, having zones or not exactly same thing.

  • AI doesn’t learn a thing, what set motion events and shouldn’t 6 months ago, still does exactly same thing today.

    I get it, might work great for you, it DOESN’T for many of us.


Yes, the ai is far from perfect, but ai as a whole is very new technology in this use case. Only in the last few years have you been able to pay $25 for a camera with all these features. It defiantly works better in some situations than others. If your having bad results, make sure to submit the videos to Wyze so the ai can learn from your specific use case. They have updated the model today, and noticed significant improvements in accuracy. They update the ai monthly.

Tens of videos in a week, time wasting with emails, even spoke with someone from the leadership team who promised 3 months ago to replace one of the cameras but as wyze CS does best they tell you to F off in a cute way. To add insult to injury their floor lamp also started to act up


Based on the title of the post, I thought you were experiencing issues with the continuous recordings to the cloud, etcetera. It appears yer issue is with the AI component within cam plus. The AI does have room-for-improvement, but still wyrks for me.

It appears you are now commingling some un-related frustrations. You may end up hijacking yer own post.

I believe that would be referred to as a “snipe” or #snipe.

verb: to make a sly or petty verbal attack.