Cam plus how many days back does it record

I have three cameras on the cam plus. When I try to look at stuff that happened four days ago, it says there’s no video. So I thought it recorded or I had access to it for 14 days, I do have SD cards in my camera.

You are right, Cam Plus videos stay for 14 days. Make sure your not filtering out video types and tags in the event tab that may make your videos not show.

SD card recording is seperate and independent of anything cloud recording.

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Not filtering out anything - after 3 1/2 days there are no videos or events no matter how far back I go up to 14 days.

Did you have events shown for those days beyond 3 1/2 previously? Maybe post some screen shots of your event tab and some fresh eyes might see something a miss.

I’m using iOS app 2.48.0 (6). I just did a quick check back 11 days and there are events for everyday between 24 and 13 Dec. I have no filters turned. I have smart detections turned on for my plug in cams.

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In the App, can you go to Account - Services and verify your cameras are assigned to your Cam Plus plan? If not, you may be viewing what is on your SD cards only.

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