Cam Plus Early Bird Special Announcement!

Cam Plus is an excellent service, unfortunately it isn’t available outside the US, I live in Australia and have 2 camera’s and feel somewhat ripped off…if Wyze stop the Beta person detection the camera’s are basically useless…

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Just subscribed to one cam not realizing that the Outdoor cam is not available.
If I “activate” a different cam now, can I switch or move the activation to Outdoor cam when it is eligible?

Yes absolutely.


I just tried again for the Nth time and it still won’t work. I even tried adding only one subscription instead of two, but still no go.

I have a 4 v2 cams and I’m waiting on my OutDoor cam to be shipped. I’m also looking to upgrade my v2s that I use outside with the OutDoor expansion cam when they come out in Oct.

If I purchase 4 early bird cam+ subscriptions, will I be able to move the service from my v2s to the OutDoor cams once I receive them?

Yes, you can move your paid licenses to any camera. Currently the Cam Plus doesn’t work with the new outdoor cam. It is in the works but we just don’t have an ETA.


I purchased Cam Plus yesterday, actually I purchased two after being asked at check out how many cameras I have. (I have 3 cameras, but only want on 2.)

My question is…I can’t find anywhere on my account where it shows the purchase and how to use Cam Plus. When/if I do find settings for this, how do I assign which of the 2 of the 3 cameras I want Cam Plus on?

I wrote to support, but have not heard back. I would hate for the sale to not have gone through and then I am told early bird special is over. This is what happened to me with Wyze outdoor camera. I purchased but never got confirmation and after support took 5 days to answer, I was told early access was over.

In the app, go to Account > Services > Cam Plus

For one of the cameras it says Free Trial ends 8/13. When I clicked on Available Cameras, there was no active link.

Cam Plus
I have the same situation. I am from British Columbia in Canada.
I had subscription for two cameras on Cam Plus yesterday using the link from the email and all paid for. They don’t work. I can’t have any notification. Did I do anything wrong?

Now I don’t have any detection either Motion or Person. I need help if anyone from Canada got it working. I have Wyze cams V2.

Hi Coglan or @Gwendolyn, can you help? Thanks.

I could not get past the app telling me that I had 1 licence pending but unable to activate it for my V2. It seemed to have an affinity for the trial licence only (10 days still left). Wyze ended up refunding my purchase, after which the app no longer showed 1 licence pending.

In your application, if you go in Account do you see something like me? (First photo)

And in services, second photos) ?

If yes, click Cam Plus and you should see all your cameras. If you have 2 subscriptions, you choose 2 cams. When it’s done, you have to configure something else.

I could not use my 20% discount code because I was looking at the countdown timer, which as of today, 8/7/2020 at 11:55 Pacific Time, it states I have over 11 hours left to use the code.

Annotation 2020-08-07 115724

I contact WYZE via chat and I was told the code explored on 8/6/2020 and there is nothing that can be done. I know it is on $6-7 in savings, but how am I at fault if the time WYZE provided in their email is wrong?

It’s a shame they didn’t extend the promotion as several people had problems signing up. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they would do it again when all the problems were sorted out. This is just my opinion and I am just a member like you. @coghlan was told by the Wyze’ staff that the rejection of his membership was caused because he is Canadian. This is misinformation and he doesn’t have to be penalized by this issue.

Why a member should be penalized due to system or human errors on Wyze’s part? If the same would have happened to me, I would be furious. It’s not to Wyze’s advantage to have more disgruntled members.:thinking:

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I asked @WyzeGwendolyn about this & there is no timeline at this moment…I trust Gwens word over a customer service rep any day :slight_smile:


I can’t find my screen shot.

If I go to Account, Services, Cam Plus, Edit, it has two checked marks on the two cams with green “Activate” banner at the bottom, I tapped on it, it displaced “loadings” momentary… then it went back to the Cam Plus Edit Menu. Nothing is activated.

I am pretty new to the forum. Bear with me as I am quite new with Wyze Forum. I did my subscription to Cam Plus yesterday and everything was going very smoothly.

I can’t help you any further. Maybe there is someone who has been through the same problem and managed to find the solution. If that would be me, I would delete the app and reinstall it again. Good luck.

If you are referring to the ‘pay what you want plan’ there is no timeline on that. The one year is on the people who had CMC and a=were transitioned over to CamPlus, they will continue to pay the old CMC price for a year and then pay the new CamPlus price.

While I am definitely not @WyzeGwendolyn (and Gwendolyn’s word is VERY trustworthy) they did say I could have an honorary Gwen pin if needed :grinning:

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yeah, that’s what I was telling him…but he was saying legacy free PD was only till the end of the yr

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Yep, there has been a lot of confusion on this whole Legacy/PD/CMC/CamPlus. Thank you for trying to get the correct info out there.