Cam Plus AI - 3D Printer Failure Detection

I would buy cam plus, if the Cam Plus AI could tell me my 3D printer was having a faulty print.

In the maker space, it is not uncommon to see a Wyze v2 or v3 as the dominant camera of choice for the 3D printing community. We use it to monitor our prints, record timelapses, etc commonly through Octoprint. One thing I’m certain Wyze could do well, would be to add a 3D printer monitoring feature to Cam Plus. I know there are alternatives but this would be a neat outlier and supplemental offering outside of home security. You know, like the RC car? Just a thought.

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Forgive my ignorance, this interests me, but I am still a n00b when it comes to 3D printing.

Since my understanding is that it’s based on a digital design/input, how would the cam know if what was happening was a faulty print vs intentional design? Are you suggesting Wyze be able to read the digital blueprint and guess what the construction would look like at each stage and alert you if it appears differently than it expects it would look like at that stage?

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From my understanding of the alternate solutions available on the market, an Al Model is trained to detect specific types of failures. For instance, if the print dislogged from the bed and is no longer secure or if the print is noticable creating “spaghetti” instead of a sturdy structure. There would be no requirement for Cam Plus to process the Gcode used by the printer to know if the print is legitamately on track, but simply detect an known visual error type that could lead to a saftey concern and need for action.

In Wyze’s recent communications we’ve seen updates about Pet Detection, Facial Recognition and Person Identification notifications. The same concept could essentially be done if given the right data to train an their models for what to look for and then notify the user.

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Thanks for the explanation. This is a great suggestion and the type of creative thinking @WyzeShawn has been asking people to submit ideas for related to the AI, so I tagged him so he’ll hopefully look at the idea (as he’s been requesting people submit such good detection ideas), and I think I’ll ask the mods to add this to the wishlist and add some AI tags to your post.

Maybe to start with, Wyze can add a video submission option for people to submit video examples of the types of things it can warn about with 3D prints gone bad…then it could figure out on it’s own when those similar patterns start to occur and when it detects similar red-flags be able to send notifications that you might want to check on your print. The machine learning would be able to figure that out all on it’s own based on video submissions. This could be a great thing for Wyze to add since so many people use these cams for 3D printers.

I want to buy a 3D printer in the near future, my brother already has one, so I have a little exposure to it.

Obviously, no promises whether it will be implemented, or considered, etc. but you submitted a great idea and explained how it could be trained to detect a few things without needing the Gcode. I hope it does get considered. Thanks for sharing @Unlikely