Cam Plus 5 minute video notification

I keep getting in app notifications that I can get 5 minute videos if I subscribe to Cam Plus subscribe. I already have a Cam Plus subscription. Why am I getting this notification?

I have questions about it too. I have Cam Plus already. But keep getting pop ups to enable 5 minute videos. It says I have to sign in with Facebook or Google. ??? I can’t find the message right now. I am not sure if this is a new pay service or what??

I tried a search on here and this seems to be the only message about it.

It’s almost like they want me to change payment methods or something. IDK, I just keep carrying on with the way it is.

So far I have kept carrying on too. Not sure why I don’t see anything posted about it. I thought it might have been an upgraded service. I have gotten the notice several times.

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Just a poor marketing implementation. Wyze is to lazy to remove subscriber emails so they just use a shotgun approach.