Cam pan not showing on app

Is on but doesn’t show on my app.

Try to power cycle the camera then,sign out of app and then back in

Can you please provide which device you are using and include the App Version as well. In addition, Can you indicate what the camera light looks like on the Camera, is it blinking, solid or what?

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Just arrived at work will provide tomorrow.

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No Problem, will see if we can help once we get the info.

Hi spamoni4, I have a Cam Pan v2 and I believe 2.27.33 is the app version.

Are you using an iPhone or an Android to connect to the device. On the Pan Cam, is the light on the front lit, off, blinking etc.

Also, what version of the Wyze App are you using.

Sounds like the Camera may not be actually connected. You may need to dp a reset and then add it again. This can be accomplished by following these steps, looks the same for each but wanted to provide the link for the appropriate camera:

For Pan Cam v1:

For Pan Cam v2:

I am using an iPhone, I believe 2.27.33 is the app version. I replugged it in after being disconnected overnight and the light is blinking red and it follows me around.

Hi spamoni4, I finally was able to factory reset my cam pan v2 but it will not read the qr code.

I have heard of individuals experiencing that. There were a couple of reasons this happened to them:

  1. The QR Code was not fully on the screen, an edge was off
  2. The Background was not bright enough.

However, most individuals got this to work by printing the QR Code and then holding that up. This may work for you.


Hi spamoni4,

I had to screenshot the qr and send it to my tablet for it to be read. My iPhone picture must have been to small.

Thanks again for taking the time to help me.


Glad I could help.