Cam Pan Live Stream and Event Recording Stopped Working as of Firmware Update

I upgraded the firmware on my Cam Pan to yesterday morning (8/1/2021) and I haven’t been able to connect to live stream since the upgrade. I am using version 2.22.31 of the Android app. I’ve tried just about everything to resolve this including resetting to factory defaults with no success.
Additionally, the camera is no longer recording events in the cloud or on the SD card.

A number of people have also complained about this issue on the Google Play Store over the last few days.

I also upgraded the firmware on my Cam V2s and I’m not having any issues connecting to the live stream on those devices.

The Cam Pan is the main security camera in my house therefore it is imperative I get this running again.


Hi @MikeSzantoNH Suggest you downgrade the f/w to (March 9, 2021) You can manually flash this using a 32Gb (or less) uSD card.

This is a link to the process.

I turned off Motion Tracking on mine and was able to get recordings and notifications working again.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I can’t connect to the camera, therefore that setting is not accessible. I don’t have motion tracking turned on.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give that a try and post the results here.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. May I ask what is the MAC number and the LED status of your Pan? Thanks.

I was about to upgrade the f/w this morning and rebooted the camera one last time. Miraculously, the camera started working again and I am now able to connect to it and view the live stream.
I’m not sure why it’s working now, but I did not upgrade the f/w. It’s still the newer version.
This is very odd in light of the fact that I had rebooted it multiple times while troubleshooting it a few weeks ago and it had been powered up the last two weeks and I was unable to connect to it or get notifications during that time.

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Thats great news @MikeSzantoNH :slightly_smiling_face: Hope future updates go well.