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Today’s experiment with using rules to trigger an alternate camera is a complete failure.

My rules are mirrored…when the north-facing camera detects motion it turns on the south-facing to record and upload, in an attempt to see the vehicle which just passed. Not only is the south-facing camera not responding to the rule, it won’t even trigger independently with its own motion sensing…

4 big-a$$ delivery trucks went up the driveway today. Not a single alert from the south-facing camera.

All - as most customers know yesterday was somewhat of a disappointment when I received the Outdoor Cam - from the minute I saw the Black Cowboy hat quickly followed by what the hell is up with the Detection Zone, then only to realize no viewer for base station SD card - couple of things I did yesterday which helped me RESET my expectations -

1- I did some research on PIR and now understand why that technology isn’t adjustable
2- I quickly learned that Night Vision IR Lights drain the battery fast
3- I quickly learned that Person Detection without illumination is worthless

So I thought about what I really want to know from this camera -

1 - For all moving HEAT sources I want to be alerted.

I think the camera can accomplish this very well - I have the detection distance and image sensitivity at 100% and haven’t been disappointed today with my reset expectation.


The problem a lot of us are experiencing is that the PIR isn’t detecting our body heat with anywhere near reliable patterns.

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Much less a car or truck at more than 5 to 10 feet and activating the camera to see anything more than the a$$-end of a car going out of view.

It is using PIR technology that has been in use in security and floodlight motion sensors for more than 30 years.

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For my use case I have it pointed at a outside area between my garage and my bedroom - I mounted the Outdoor Camera about 12 feet up beneath my eve. So far it has done a good job detecting HEAT - ie person, animal etc. As for motion I wouldn’t trust it as far as I could throw it - it only has to do this in a space of about 10 feet X 20 feet.

For those of you dealing with plant motion triggering, you may want to try an adaptation of the method I posted as Reducing Sensitivity of Motion Sensor with a Mask - 2. My situation was shadows of blowing tree branches on a hot driveway. I do not know if it will work for the infrared coming off of moving landscape. A simple test would be to make a mask out of translucent milk jug plastic cut out as a semi-disk and taped over the PIR portion of the camera. Like a Covid-19 mask for the camera. See if it works.
Victor Maletic.


I also was very surprised by this. Saw the cable in the box and thought it would be optional. The need for a base station was bad enough, plus no full time recording but now I have to wire it the base station? This is a complete WTF to me. I paid far too much for this thing to have that level of capability. I haven’t even set the camera up yet due to this, but am now debating it. Buncha work just to get to crappy reception and poor motion detection? This is almost it for me and Wyze - all the subscription crap and these cameras not working well with poor design decisions like this.

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Agree! I am not sure why so many people are struggling to get events captured (unless they are in the cool down period and don’t realize it. My notifications have been probably about 99% accurate (which is better than I could ask for given it being a battery powered camera that needs to turn on and off). It captures cars and people in my driveway every time. I only have my sensitivity settings around 50 and have it mounted around 9 ft in the air. We all have V2s that do continuous recording. This product was not made (and can’t be made cheaply) to do that. It’s an outdoor, wireless, completely weatherproof camera. The expectation shouldn’t be to perform like a V2. This is impossible and you can’t find anything on the market that is waterproof and does all a V2 does and still has a long battery life.


Outdoor camera battery going down about 5% a day even with camera Off!!!

Anyone else having battery issues?

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I wish we were having a good experience like you, but alas there are a LOT of people having less than stellar results with this WOC.

I have their sense kit PIR outdoors and it outperforms my WOC PIR in every aspect. It triggers heat signatures >30ft away in seconds. It captures vehicles and people very reliability. The WOC is about a 25% success rate for triggering. I have a V2 that the sense PIR triggers so I know when the WOC misses a very valid heat signature.

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I am having the same problem where the app detection settings are showing the detection zone (in the green) area Is half of what is actually visible.

I’ve tried to open up a ticket with support but it just hangs and the ticket never gets created.

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the detection zone is fixed on the WOC because it is a PIR, you can’t change it, you have to physically aim the camera.

If you aim the camera to get a greater detection zone, you miss some of what you would actually like to capture. My camera is about 7 feet in the air at my front door. I can get my front walk and a little bit of the porch. If I raise the detection zone up I miss most of the front door and can’t see what’s going on on the porch.


Yup, I’ll probably use another external sense PIR to trigger the WCO as it’s built-in PIR is not very reliable for me.

I am seeing the same thing. Sometimes it catches me walking in front of it, sometimes it doesn’t. Seems sketch.

is that English?

WCO = Wyze Cam Outdoor
PIR = Passive Infra Red

The wyze sense kit that includes a motion sensor is a PIR sensor. The wyze outdoor cam has a PIR sensor built into it.

What I’m saying is my PIR sensor from the wyze sense kit is much better than the built in PIR sensor in the wyze cam outdoor.

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How do you set up an external PIR and connect to WCO and where do you get one?

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But is this right? The PIR zone is only the green section shown in the photo I attached? You would think it would cover the whole viewable area shown.

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The “Sense Single Motion Sensor” for $6. Then in the trigger in the app set it up so when motion sensor senses motion upload short video clip from WCO.

edit: if you don’t already have a bridge you’ll need the starter kit and a wyze v2 or Pan cam to install it in.