Cam OG telephoto

I tested minimum focus distance on the OG-Tele a week or two ago. As I recall, about 3.5 to 4 feet was about as close as it would focus.


Not uncommon with general photography? That’s why macro lenses exist separately from telephotos.

My impression is that dedicated analog systems and hard wired non-WiFi non-“cloud” systems are much more responsive in this regard… :frowning:

Also of course, TV physics. “ENHANCE!”

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I have a non touch screen monitor, How do I get my Wyze OG telephoto camera to zoom?

Zoom for any Wyze camera is entirely in the app - not the camera. I don’t know of any way to zoom the app without a touch screen. What device are you using to run the Wyze app?

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The camera is already zoomed to 3 x.
You would need to view through a mobile phone or ipad to use the touch screen, to alter the zoom Mick.

just put to fingers together on the screen and just open or close them to alter the Zoom.

If this is being driven by a casting the phone or tablet to the monitor, you will need to use the phone or tablet to pinch and zoom.

If this is on a computer running an emulator, you can use the mouse to zoom, although you might not be able to set the zoom level. On the OG Live Stream UI, there is a small grey bar just below the live stream video image.

Clicking that once with the mouse will put the video stream into full screen video zoom where you can then grab the image with a mouse click\hold and pan around by dragging.

I am using the wise app on a big screen smart TV. With my V3 cams all I have to do is double click to mouse to zoom. Of course that is not working with the OG telephoto.