Cam OG Telephoto In Firefox

Please fix Cam OG Telephoto live stream in Firefox

Thank you!

I assume you mean on Wyze live web view. As far as I know, only Chrome is supported (although there are some reports of at least partial success with other browsers). And I’m also a primarily FireFox guy so I also wish it would be supported.

Thanks for the reply

It works fine in MS Edge though

Just not in FF (fully updated)

I have not tried it on Firefox in a long time since it’s not supported (I’m one of the early users that discovered that it did not work). However, I just tried it here on all of my camera types and the following did work: V2, original Pan, V3, V3 Pro, V3 Pan. The OG-Tele did not - although I does on Chrome (the only officially supported browser as far as I know).

I have a V3, Telephoto and the Pro 2K cameras

Only the Telephoto does not work in FF, for me anyways