Cam OG doesn't record all motion events to MicroSD card

I set my Cam OG to record “Events Only” to its 32GB MicroSD card. I expect it to record all motion events detected. That is, when the camera is exposed to frequent motion, I expect the motion detection to be retriggered and record all motion events to MicroSD card. However, my Cam OG only records a one minute clip of motion events, then nothing for about four minutes, then repeats.

To confirm this, I set up a model train on a loop of track. The train passed by the Cam OG about every 40 seconds. The attached screenshot shows multiple short playback recordings, each lasting about one minute, separated by about four minutes.

Side point: To ensure the train was indeed circling the loop of track during the hours the test ran unattended, I placed a Wyze Cam V2 alongside the Cam OG. Cam V2 was also configured to record “Events Only” to its MicroSD card. The Cam V2 playback recording was effectively continuous, and showed the train passing by every time, as expected.

Is there an OG configuration setting to correct this, or is it a bug?


Firmware: 1.0.59
Motion detection sensitivity: 100 %
App version: on Android 11

  • My Cam OG is not subscribed to Cam Plus.
  • My account is subscribed to Cam Plus Lite.

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I am sorry this is happening. I have sent this issue up to the team and we are looking into the issue as it should not be acting this way. I will let you know when we have it resolved.


Same issue here. I would like continuous recording to SD card on the OG as long as there is motion. I am on 1.0.63 firmware.