Cam OG Events Only recording to SD card problem

Cam OG Events Only SD card recordings are all short video clips even though there is continous motion. Notice this after recent update.

V3 pro placed at the same location. Event Only SD recording gives continous recording when continuos motion is detected,

Anyone experience this?

I have to turn on continuous SD recording.


So to understand this, both micro SD card local storage settings on both cameras is set to “events only”, and not continuous? But there should be constant motion detected so it should like a continuous recording? You also updated a camera firmware recently? Have you verified the settings or were you want them after the update? Sometimes updates can revert or change settings and it’s always a good practice to verify after updates are done. So the issue is that it should be recording more events to the SD card?

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SD recording is set to Events Only. Notice this when I set up my 2nd OG to record my evening exercises. I have a V3 pro and a Pan V2 recording at the same location and both recorded my exercises continuously with recording also set @ Events only. Only the OG recorded short clips of continuous motion to the SD card.

Just checked my 1st OG on 03/19 when it was first set up and noticed the same short clips. Hence the problem is not related to recent update. Just want to know other OG users saw the same issue or not.

Below is recording of a V3 pro at the same location and time on 03/19. You can see continuous recordings, not just short clips.

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