Cam OG records only 1st minute on microSD card when motion is detected

I installed one of my 5 new Cam OG. I set the microSD recording to Event Only and the motion detection sensitivity to High (100).

When a motion is detected, only the 1st minute is recorded on the microSD card even if there are still motion going on after that 1st minute. I tested it many times by walking back and forth in front of the camara for at least 3 mins and the recording stops after one minute.

Is it a know problem that will be fixed soon? If it is not fixed, I will need to return these new Cam OG as they are not useful to me.


I am sorry this is happening to you, this is a known issue but we are still looking into the cause of it so I do not have an ETA for a fix.


Same issue here. Iā€™d like for the OG to continue recording as long as there is motion. OK if it chops it up into multiple files. Would like to create a single, continuous video of the event as long as motion continues.