Cam OG and saving video

Hi, I got my Cam OG today. It has some issues… it does not recognize my microSD card at 64GB. And when under events I am trying to download a recorded video from the cloud it suddenly crashes that events tab and goes back to the home tab within the app. No matter what I try just don’t works.

Photos though are possible to download.

Anyone else with this issue and Ca

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When the cam is on, and you insert the card, does it chime after a second or two?

Have you tried to open the SD Settings in the Advanced Settings to Manage microSD and format the card?

Have you tried a full format on a computer prior to inserting?

I just tested this and didn’t have any download failure. Since this is an app function and not related to the cam, is your app up to date? What version?

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I put in the microSD card when the camera was off. And yes tried to reformat it but it shows only 0 out of 0GB. Not showing up as 64GB.

Have not tried format it on a computer before. What format should it have? I am using a Mac.

Regarding saving videos I have an Android phone running version 2.38.1 (161).

Your Android app is up to date. The cam is compatible with both FAT32 and ExFAT formats so either one should work. I would suggest a full format, not a quick format.

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I have tried format the card on my computer and it still does not recognize it. I took another car and put it inside the camera, from one of my other brand cameras which have worked there but still same with that 32GB card also.

I tried updating to latest beta of the app, still can’t download videos or get the SD card running…

Something seems weird… i have ordered another card of Kingston brand also that arrives on Friday.

But yeah,…at least I would be able to download my videos from the cloud. I have a Cam plus subscription… funny it shows 0 hours video length and 0 people detected. Even though the camera have people detected under events.

Definately something not right.


  • Go to Account → App Settings and clear the cache
  • Sign Out
  • Force Close the app (from the OS App Info)
  • Reboot the phone
  • Reboot the cam with NO SD Card in it.
  • After the cam reboots, insert the SD and listen for the chime.
  • Open the app and test the event download

If the new SD card you ordered gives you the same no-read, you may have a cam with a defective card slot. If this turns out to be the case, definately reach out to Customer Support and request a Warranty Replacement.

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Tried all above, still the same… also tried installing the app on an older Android phone. Same thing there. When trying to download the video the app crashes.

Even though I have granted it access. I will try it from an iPhone also… and we’ll see what happens.


I have sent the case to support by email with log id etc. And the log from the beta version app.

When my old iphone is charged I will try the same things there.


Does the event video play in the events viewer or is there a green question mark on the right side of the timeline?

I open the video from the Events tab and then press the download symbol. But I think I figured out the problem! When disabling the audio in recordings the app crashes when you try to download them. Enabling audio in the recordings and suddenly I can download them. Must be a bug?

Since I can replicate this on two different Android phones now. Don’t know how it is with the iPhone app but at least this happens in Android…

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Definately sounds buggy. Since you are now on the Beta app, that needs reported with logs over in the Beta Release Thread for the App:

And now suddenly I can view recorded videos on the card under playback., even though when I go to manage the card it shows up as 0GB…

I have sent log files to them now also with all details of the issue.

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it should show 0GB/32GB, means it is an empty card.

Regarding not able to save video when “record sound” is disabled, I’ve logged the issue and will fix later.


I understand that, but it shows 0GB/0GB. So something is wrong there. Even though the card is inserted and formated.